UK-Based Jamaican Artist in New York for 2 week promotional run

By Dave Rodney – Mark-Anthony Abel, a British-born singer, songwriter and composer of Jamaican roots arrived in New York City last night for a two-week promotional run.

UK-based Jamaican artist Mark-Anthony Abel  

UK-based Jamaican artist Mark-Anthony Abel

While in New York, Abel will participate in a number of promotional activities including the hosting of a music industry listening party at the Ripley Grier Studios in Manhattan on Wednesday October 28.

Abel will also be doing a number of radio interviews in key US markets, and he is also expected to make a number of cameo night club appearances while in the United States.

Abel exploded on the London music scene at the turn of the millennium and had an early partnership with Atlantic Records in London.  He is as passionate and he is driven, and he has often been described as a ‘one-in-a million musical artist’ who is the proud owner of a full-bodied, rich, distinctive voice. 

He brings to the industry an edgy approach that is fresh, undaunted and sensual with a timeless, hip, youthful swag. His ability to create great music is the by-product of his desire to connect and communicate with the world.  

Mark-Anthony currently resides in London but he sees the wider Diaspora as his global stage.   His journey has been one of discovery and challenges and his prolific songwriting culminated in his first album Sunshine in My Head which is available on iTunes.  Mark-Anthony is currently in the process of putting the finishing touches on a second album. 

His honest, fearless and straight-talk persona has brought him in immediate contact with the important issues affecting those around him.  Ultimately, many of these elements end up in lyrics to many of the songs he has written.  “I like what I have become. I like the fact that I have learned from my mistakes and gained wisdom, and although I don’t always get the respect for my music.”