The sage of another Ghanaian gospel musician – Christiana Love

Compiled by Peterking Quaye – The reports have been compiled based on what is the current situation between the gospel diva and her lovely wedded husband after 9 years of ‘marriage’ according to many who were thinking they were happily married .

Christiana Love

Christiana Love

A colleague musician has added his voice to the situation pleading with the tw o–  Ace gospel artist, Kwaku Gyasi says he is stunned at the collapse of the marriage between his colleague Christiana Love and her husband, Pastor Hammond Love.

Kwaku Gyasi, who is a close friend to the couple, told a local station, that he never suspected the extent to which his friends’ marriage had deteriorated when he was recording an album, scheduled to be released by Christmas, with Christiana Love.

He decried the media interviews which the two agreed to do and appealed to them to ‘cease fire’ and attempt to resolve their problems for the sake of their children. Though he acknowledged that he is a little ‘immature’ in marriage compared to Christie and her husband, he believes their challenges have been as a result of an attack of the devil and his demons who are constantly working against the children of God who use music to spread the gospel.

He however cautioned that gospel artistes are not perfect and society should not demand perfection from them; adding that their challenges have mainly been as a result of fame, balancing spiritual and secular activities and the type of close association that one keeps. Kwaku Gyasi also said he fears that the divorce scandal may affect the success of their upcoming album.

Meanwhile Gifty Osei who Christiana Love mentioned as having met Nana Yaw, Christie’s supposed boyfriend has also denied knowledge of a relationship between her colleague and the man. Mrs. Osei admitted that she met Nana Yaw in Germany while on tour in Germany and was introduced as her manager and nothing else.

Piesie Esther, another gospel artiste who recently married and delivered her first child also expressed her sadness at the turn of events but blamed the devil for attacking the marriage of the gospel singer. She promised to pray for the couple to remember to reconcile. In  our latest revelationGospel songstress Christiana Love has offered an unqualified apology to Ghanaians for laying bare her marital problems in public.

She has asked all her fans and Ghanaians at large to forgive her, saying that she never wanted to discuss her problems publicly but that things got out of hand. The singer and her husband, Pastor Kwaku Love traded accusations of infidenlity on radio last week. This followed a revelation by the husband that Christie had left him for another man whom she is pregnant for.

Chritiana Love denied the allegations and explained that her husband had subjected her to humiliation while cheating on her with members of their church. The two have since come under intense criticism from sections of the public for the public and shameful manner they have handled their differences.

Last Monday, Christiana Love told show host Adakabre Frimpong-Manso that she regrets succumbing to the urge to tell her side of the story. She added that the incident was unfortunate and regrettable and asked Ghanaians who felt offended by the development to forgive her. Meanwhile Pastor Love Hammond, husband of gospel singer Christiana Love, has reportedly lost most members of his church after revelations of his scandalous marital issues were made public.

Church services at his Life Power Miracle Church are now purportedly characterized by empty chairs as scouts who visited the church after his wife accused him of infidelity on radio observed. They claimed that the services hardly attracted up to 20 members, though there were hundreds of believers in the past.

Reports said though the larger Ghanaian populace heard of Pastor Love’s scandals barely a week ago, his church members had been privy to the information earlier and started to leave the church in droves.According to News-One, Christiana Love, in her capacity as a gospel celebrity, attracted a lot of members to the church and even personally paid for airtime of the church’s radio programs.

It is not clear whether Pastor Love would continue to operate the church with the dwindled congregation, or if he would shift into another career.

Popular   gospel musician, Christiana Love has alleged that her estranged husband, Pastor Hammond Love of Love Chapel, raped her younger sister and her maid servant who were staying with them.

Christiana Love claimed her husband slept with her younger sister and threatened to kill the girl if she ever disclosed the affair.She noted that the house help whom the husband allegedly raped was someone she grew very fond of and took her as her little sister.

Speaking on a local station in Accra, on Thursday following an allegation by Pastor Hammond Love that Christiana was carrying a four-month old pregnancy for another man.She denied the husband’s claim and accused him of infidelity throughout their nine-year marriage.Christiana Love said her husband’s amorous affairs were rampant to the extent that he slept with women in the church which resulted in its virtual collapse.

She said as a result of the husband’s behaviour, she contemplated committing suicide at a point.Apart from sleeping with the maid and her younger sister, Christiana Love also claimed her husband had an affair with a lady at the church whom he had dated for five years and had a child with. She explained that she went to the woman’s house and asked her to stop seeing her husband, but the lady denied it.

However, Christie said the husband later assaulted her physically for confronting the lady, a situation she said inspired her to compose the hit song entitled “Awurade Wamma me bere,” saying she had gone through a lot in her nine years of marriage to Pastor Love.

It can recorded that many people in Ghana are saying Christiana Love is carrying a four month old pregnancy baby fathered by another man. This is according to her husband and manager Pastor Love.He made the shocking revelation in an interview with an Accra based fm station.

According to him, Christiana Love has been having extra-marital affair with a man he did not mention.He said the mother of his three beloved boys yielded to temptation and did not listen to several prophesies he had given her.Whilst insisting the marriage is over, he said, Christaina Love cannot be an enemy.He said he will rather continue praying for her.

Christiana Love who is on a tour in Europe was not immediately available for comment but her junior brother Yaw Ankomah in an interview with a local station would not confirm or deny the allegations.He said his sister will be in the best position to answer to those allegations.He intimated that his sister is in good spirit and is not the least perturbed by the allegations.

Quoting religiously from the Holy Bible, Yaw Ankomah said her sister, in all things, can only give thanks to God.He however debunked accusations made against their mom, by Pastor Love.He said the pastor had called his mom a witch because she intervened on Christiana Love behalf at one point in their strained marriage

In another related development Christiana Love says she is grateful to God for granting her an opportunity to finally leave her marriage. According to the singer, she went through such turbulent times in her nine-year marriage that she, on many occasions, contemplated suicide.

Consequently, she views the current status of her marriage to Pastor Love who doubled as her manager, is a blessing. The marriage, she believes, has broken down irretrievably. Christiana Love was speaking as a, responding to allegations by her husband who claims she is carrying a four month old pregnancy for another man.

Christie debunked the charge, saying she is neither pregnant nor is she having an affair with any man in Germany.

Mrs Love, with bravely withheld tears throughout the course of the interview, told programme host Adakabre Frimpong Manso that she had no idea why her husband was accusing her of adultery and denying paternity of their last child.

Her decision to divorce her pastor husband, she said, stemmed from the unceasing abuses he subjects her to – sometimes beating her up in the presence of his girlfriend. Christiana said her husband impregnated another woman – a woman she accuses of being at the centre of all her marital problems – in his church at the same time she was also expecting his child.

She said she had had enough of her husband’s insensitivity and disrespect towards her and was ready to move on in life without him.

Since she has children with Pastor Love, Christie said she did not want to make public issues in her marriage and regretted that her husband preferred otherwise.

She was however not surprised because she claimed Pastor Love had threatened to destroy her career and kill her, a threat she though he had began working on.

The singer added that her husband asked her to admit she was leaving him because she had committed adultery before he would grant her a divorce. Christiana, nonetheless, is unperturbed and believes that God will fight for her.

On his part, Pastor Love denies all allegations his wife has made against him, maintaining Christie was an adulteress who only wanted to court sympathy from Ghanaians.

We keep eyes on the situation will bring you more on the twixt and turn in another pastor marital home after ace preacher Pastor Obinn incident some few months ago . The question on my people lips is why pastor of local church are preacher but doing different things ,does this go to aid the saying –“Do as l say ,but don’t what l am do “ .

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