South Africa’s Start Smart Artists’ Marketing Workshop On This Month

Shout-Africa Southern Africa Desk – Saturday 11 June The Bassline presents the next in the Start Smart series of workshops to be hosted at the venue. This month’s workshop will be focussed on marketing and the specific challenges artists and management face in South Africa when marketing music, as well as the tools and ideas you need to successfully market music.

The workshop will kick off at 2pm on the 11th and is presented by author and speaker David Chislett. Chislett brings his wealth of experience in marketing and PR to the fore in this workshop, sharing tips and tricks as well as solid skills and tools from the general marketing arena.

Constructed around Chislett’s book, 1,2,1,2: A Step By Step Guide To The SA Music Industry, the workshop looks at areas such as what marketing materials you will need, how to speak to the press, the importance of photos and videos, dealing with play list committees and more. The workshop is open to the public for a fee of R30.00 only. Copies of the book will be on sale as well.

These workshops are crucial in facilitating skills and knowledge transfer and in helping new entrants into the music business understanding the basic principles that underpin the whole industry. They help foster understanding and develop sustainability by dispelling some of the many myths that abound in the trade.

Chislett has been touring South Africa presenting these workshops since the launch of his book in September 2010. “The first workshop at the Bassline was a huge success. The Bassline is very committed to the idea, so we decided to make it a regular thing” remarked Chislett, “In May we talked a lot about the business side of the industry so for June I am looking forward to talking about the marketing and helping pass on some of what I have learned over the last 20-odd years.”

The 11th of June workshop is part of a series of workshops that will continue on a once-a-month basis and cover plenty more important areas of the business.