Shout-Africa Celeb Focus: Tu Nokwe

Tu Nokwe

Zwa Celeb Focus: TU NOKWE

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This week we interview legendary South African artist Tu Nokwe, a movie actress, singer, guitarist, composer, lyricist, and a critically acclaimed award-winning musician and mentor of talents like, Deborah Fraser, Leleti Khumalo, Ayanda Nhlangothi, Khanyo Maphumolo…the list goes on and on.(pictured, right):  Tu Nokwe has been a performer, actress and singer for over four decades performing to great acclaim locally and abroad.

Mama Tu welcome to Shout-Africa !

Thank you I’m so honoured.

What have you been up to recently?

I’ve  gone through hectic months of travelling overseas; performing in theatre productions and concerts, restructuring our charity organisation NCDF (Nokwe Creative Development Foundation), relocating offices from home office to the centre of music, arts and culture at Bassline in Newtown, Johannesburg and…… relaunching the Tu Nokwe brand. I find little settling moments now and again to look at ideas of projects of interest relating to children and youth, creative and human development.

I’ve also started a media company with a friend and I hope to team up with the right partners or investors who have similar interests in unique TV productions that inspire creative human development.

Where and when are we likely to see you performing again?

Currently, I’m engaged in monthly concerts, the “Journey Of My Soul” series which is being designed into a TV show. This  concept of “Journey Of My Soul” is based on a self help book I wrote, with self-management tools of life experience revealed to me as a support system to bring sanity & peace in my hectic life as an artist. Our next show is on the 10th of this December, at Bassline in Johannesburg. At every event, we release monthly dvds & jos booklets with a few selfmanagement tools each time.

What’s the most memorable concert or performance(s) you’ve done?

The “Journey Of My Soul” concert last month in Joburg was superb!

How would you pay the bills if you weren’t a performing artist?

I would still be an artist.

What forthcoming projects, collaboration or shows are on the cards?

The “Journey Of My Soul” concert series and TV shows, a platform for us to exchange positive thoughts, words and deeds.

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