Record Label Releases First Benefit Album

By Novell Zwange –NEW YORK – A record label founded in 2007 as a record label for innovative artists of all styles and charitable benefits, both in the US and internationally, Global Damitow Records has announced the launch of the first annual “A Charity Record” benefit album. All profits from all albums will be donated to non-profits and the Recording Artist’s themselves; not the label.

Damitow releases charity albums, compilations, Collector’s items and soon will be expanding into Publishing, Distribution & an all-artist’s profit Art Gallery. Damitow also has multiple incentive programs designed to give fans, supporters, companies and artists a share in any success.

The label’s philosophy is: “To gain no wealth off of releasing music. To have a truly independent record company that does not seek fortune, but to spread the knowledge of worthy Artist’s and Causes. To share all of our success to better the world. Damitow is determined to prove ourselves to be one of the leading independent record labels, to assist pushing the industry towards a more creative environment, delivering an innovative business model and to generate knowledge, awareness & proceeds to worthy causes worldwide”

Damitow Records is also looking to generate and foster strategic relationships with like-minded organizations for licensing, publishing & other ventures in North America, Africa and Europe.

Among the coming releases for 2010-2011: Undiscovered Country “Astronomer’s View of the Universe” – Mykel Yazin Orchestra “Palestine Jr.” – John Mainieri “My Favorite Standards” – The Beasts of Activism “Alive to Kill the Rich” – Various Artists “A Charity Record 2” – Various Artists “RPG: The Lucifer Stone “

Founded in 2007 as a record label for innovative artists of all styles and charitable benefits, both National & Global. Damitow has grown to include Artist Management, Recording Studios and Music Publishing (Asmodeus Punk Publishing (BMI) in 2009. Artists on the roster include Undiscovered Country, The Beasts of Activism, John Mainieri, The Mykel Yazin Orchestra and Equine Cadaver.