Nigerian contemporary gospel artiste, Michael Pounds releases new single entitled ” YAWEH”

By Chinyere Ogbonna – Nigeria born UK based Contemporary Christian gospel singer, song writer, Michael Pounds has released a new single entitled YAWEH. Pounds who is also a recording artiste is the founder of Praise Warriors, a ministry that “Warfare’s in Praise”.

Mr Pound and Praise WarriorsIn this interview with Shout-Africa, Mr. Pounds tells us his sojourn so far in the music industry.

May we begin this interaction with knowing who you are, could you share your family background with Shout-Africa?

Michael Pounds: My name is Michael Pounds husband to Patience Pounds, born into a family of four, Lived and schooled in Nigeria until I was 21years, attended OSU Primary school, Mayflower Secondary School and Ogun state University, South-West Nigeria but left university just after my first year of studying Marketing. I’m born into a Christian family.

Shout-Africa: How long have you been singing? Most artist started from birth where did yours begin?

Michael Pounds:  I started singing from the age of 8years but took it more seriously at age 16.

Mr Pound singingShout-Africa: At what stage in life did you realize your musical talent?

Michael Pounds: I discovered the gift of God in me in my secondary school days. I was about 16yrs old then.

Shout-Africa: How did your parents welcome your idea of taking to music?

Michael Pounds: My parents at first did not welcome it, I was told to focus on my studies. They later realized that I was so serious about it and then they gave their blessings.

Shout-Africa: There is a high demand for gospel music, could that be your reason for taking to gospel music?

Michale Pounds: The high demand for gospel music has never been a catalyst to my decision to do music, but it made me want to stand out to declare Christ boldly through my songs. As you may have noticed that a lot of us gospel music ministers are gradually omitting the name of Jesus so as to gain acceptance.

Shout-Africa: Where do you draw your inspiration from?

Michael Pounds: I draw my inspiration from God and His word, mostly during my prayer time.

Shout-Africa: What informed your choice of the title “Yaweh” as a title for the single you just released?

Michael Pounds: I believe that’s the name the angels are chanting in heaven at the moment, I got the song and what stood out to me was that name YAHWEH!

Shout-Africa: When did you really become a professional  singer?

Michael Pounds: Am I really a professional? It is yet to become a profession as I do not earn a living from it. It is a God given gift and I intend to bless humanity with it. I started to sing from a RCCG Church in Nigeria(Potters House Parish) in Ikeja and from then on it’s been from one level of glory to the next, PRAISE GOD.

Shout-Africa: If music is not your chosen career, how else  do you earn a living?

Michael Pounds:”By Gods grace I’ve got a job as a Document Controller”

Shout-Africa: Do you play any of the musical instruments?

Michael Pounds: Yes, I do play instruments like keyboards and drums but I must say that I’m at the intermediate level of it.

Shout-Africa: What are some of the challenges you have faced in your journey so far?

Michael Pounds:  Some of the challenges I faced during my early days in ministry were putting together a team of people with the same mindset on how to run ministry without necessarily charging.  I also had issues in the area of mentoring as I reached out to a couple of music ministers to mentor me, but none till date got back to me. Eventually, God led me to a pastor who is now mentoring me today.

Every other challenges were stepping stones to my victory.

Shout-Africa: Based on your experience so far, what advice would you give stakeholders in the industry?

Michael Pounds: Producers: please take time to understand the vision of your your client and don’t impose your idea on them.

Artists: keep the message Godly and make sure the source is God. Please, live for a good cause and don’t do what you’re doing just for earthly awards, remember your REWARD is in HEAVEN!

Shout-Africa: Tell us about Praise Warrior Singers which was founded by  you?

Michael Pounds: Praise warriors is a God given name for our team based on the things God does during our ministration in praise. Our slogan is “We Warfare in Praise”

Shout-Africa: What are your future plans?

Michael Pounds: My future plans are to reach many more nations with the message of the cross.

Shout-Africa: You were nominated for a musical award in London, is that right? How did you feel as a nominee, share the experience with Shout-Africa?

Michael Pounds: Yes, I was nominated. On how I felt, am so sorry I’m not caught out for such. My perspective of idea is very controversial. So I’ll leave that aspect

Shout-Africa: When should your fans be expecting the release of your album?

Michael Pounds: By the grace of God, the album should be out in April 2017.