Naomi Campbell in “American Jesus” Exhibition

Diaspora, New York  –  American photographer/videographer/artist David LaChapelle has turned his gaze onto the continent with his latest exhibit titled “American Jesus.” While several paintings in the  exhibit are centered on the late great Michael Jackson, LaChapelle focuses a large portion of it on Naomi Campbell , his friend and muse.  In an interview for AOL Stylist he said,  “Botticeli was inspired [to use as a model] in his painting a woman he was in love with, and for me I went from there to Naomi Campbell to represent Africa.”
“I love how LaChapelle loves black people (or at least black celebs). But I digress before I begin…,” remarked Zandile Blay, editor of the BlayReport.
The new legend photographer and videographer has debuted his new exhibit titled “American Jesus” at the Paul Kasmin Gallery in New York City. The exhibit features large scale portraits of Michael Jackson in his traditional military inspired garb holding hands, laying out and standing victorious over religious figures including my Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ, the Virgin Mary and the hoodrat known as the Devil.
The exhibit features Naomi Campbell in a series of portraits titled “The Rape of Africa.” The exhibit is on display until September 18th.