My Land My Life a film on Zimbabwe receives rave reviews ahead of Lusaka Film Festival

By Alfred Tembo – My Land My Life a film on Zimbabwean controversial and muddled land reform program of 2002 is set to dominate at the Lusaka International Film and Music Festival.

Running from 30th October to 6th November, 2015, Lusaka International Film and Music Festival Zambia’s leading motion picture annual occasion which is in its fourth consecutive progression this year.

My Land, My Life” a big screen film produced by Rehad Desai, director of Miners Shot Down.

 The film tells a story that cuts across the experience of farm workers and settlers under the iron feast of “quarrelsome Zimbabwe” political leadership.

As told by the narrator “My Land My Life” is a journey into the heart of the Zimbabwean 2002 crisis. We enter the story through the eyes of the filmmaker, who once lived in Zimbabwe and held Mugabe in high esteem as he returns to make sense of the conflict and is led into a strife torn farming area. Through cultural characters that include a farmer, a farm worker and a war veteran we enter the social texture of present day drama that defines rural and urban Zimbabwe. The conflict between farm worker and settlers is explored as is the conflict between farmer and farm worker.

“My Land My Life” is a nuanced piece that is frank in its pro-equality stance and candid but poetic in the critique of those who claim to represent the interests of peasants and workers on both sides.