Jamaican artistes are less demanding: Zimbabwe’s top promoter

By Kenneth Matimaire – ZIMBABWE – Jamaican artistes are less demanding than American and European musicians, resulting in local promoters opting to host the former said C&A Entertainment boss.

C&A Entertainment owner Clint Robinson far-left and Sean Kingston in the middle at a press-conference in Harare, Zimbabwe

C&A Entertainment owner Clint Robinson far-left and Sean Kingston in the middle at a press-conference in Harare, Zimbabwe

Clint Robinson’s statement comes as some music analysts have criticised the continuous promotion of Jamaican artists in the country.

Others went on to pre-empt a reggae-dancehall fatigue due to the influx of musicians from the Caribbean Island within Zimbabwe’s borders.

Jamaican big acts such as Sizzla Kalonji, Capleton, Beenie Man, Elephant Man, Sean Paul, TOK, Luciano, Red Rat amongst a host of others have performed in the country.

Robinson’s entertainment powerhouse is expected to host Jamaican star, Mavado on January 27 after the show was postponed from December 16, last year. He has brought Sean Kingston, Beenie Man, Elephant Man and Mr Vegas.

Robinson revealed that a lot of factors come into play when promoting international artists. “The issue of international stars coming here (Zimbabwe) is more complex than most people think. It has a lot to do with money. Can you afford to bring a particular international star?” he quipped.

The Zimbabwe Tourism Authority (ZTA) said it paid American RnB singer Joe Thomas $27 000 but speculation has it that the authority spent between $60 000 and $80 000. Either way, all the figures were off the limit considering that Zimbabwe was at the heart of the highly inflationary period.

At the Real Deal gig, American based artistes Akon, Brick & Lace and Sean Paul walked away with $250 000, $80 000 and $150 000 respectively.

“This is why you find few American and European singers making their way here. Most promoters can’t afford them. Their demands are too much. Some will tell you ‘I don’t eat corn, it’s for animals’ and other countless things. But Jamaicans are like us (Africans). We can relate. Some of them even eat sadza,” justified Robinson.

According to the Top Ten Outrageous Demands, American pop singer Justin Timberlake requires an entire hotel floor with new air conditioning filters, private fitness studio and constant disinfection of door handles.

Mariah Carey demands her hotel suite to be fitted with gold faucets and a new toilet seat. Carey and her dog only bathe in French mineral water. Jennifer Lopez orders that her sheets be of Egyptian cotton with a thread count of at least 250 and room temperatures set at exactly 25.5 degrees Celsius.