Hannah Le Roux’s Feeding Space

The exhibition feedingspace by Hannah Le Roux deals with public space and its occupation. It brings into focus Johannesburg’s inner city area near Jeppe and Bree Street. Because of the unique density of retail space in this area, many traders use it’s dozens of coffee shops and restaurants for informal social and commercial networking. However, the present situation in the area has a tenuous stability. Immigrants have to deal with obstacles as rejected work permits and short-term leases. Thus, the area is vulnerable to a threat of control by outside authorities and the community seems unsure whether to stay or flee the area for spaces where they have more control.

feedingspace shows that it is the restauranteurs who are feeding the area’s positive transformation, and that their creativity should be sustained in order to bring about a true cosmopolitan revival of the inner city. It uses diverse media to suggest some scenarios for urban change. The layout of the exhibition divides the material into a documentary space and a participation space. The documentary part of the exhibition uses images to illustrate the kinds of spatial gestures around food trading. A space corresponding with the hidden garden in the plaza of Marble Towers (CBD, Johannesburg) will be prepared as a seating area for workshops between immigrant traders and law students, and for a debate on the area’s future.

Exhibition, Workshops, Talk from 16 September – 9 October 2010
Opening: 16 Sept., 7pm
GoetheonMain, 245 Main Street, City & Suburban, Johannesburg