Ghana: Will Confidence come home?

By Own Correspondent with support from DSTV – Zeus, as Head of House, saved himself and put Vimbai up for possible Eviction on Sunday, 15 May.

He burst out in laughter when Big Brother asked him which Housemate he would like to save, before saying, “it goes without saying that I would like to save myself.” He was not drawn into saying why he was replacing himself with Vimbai.

After Zeus saved himself, the nominated Housemates are: Confidence, Danny, Jossy, Vina, Weza and Vimbai. Confidence, Danny, Jossy, Vina, Weza, Vimbai are up for possible Eviction. Confidence was the common Nomination for Michael and Millicent.

Michael Nominated Confidence, who he kissed on Saturday night, because of her bossy nature. “She’s bossy and does not know how to have fun. She’s too serious”, he said. Stating how much he does not understand her personality, Michael also Nominated Vina.

“She gets jumpy when you try to get close to her”, he said. Millicent also Nominated Confidence and told Big Brother how negative she is. “She is a control freak and has no sense of humour”, she said. She then pulled the trigger at Danny, who she said is very quiet and is not entertaining.

When Sharon went into the Chat Room, she stressed how she would only be Nominating people that are strong. “I’m here for the money”, she said, before putting Zeus and Jossy up. Her reason for putting Zeus up is that he can choose to save himself by virtue of him being Hed of House. She picked Jossy because he “is a strong character”.

Vimbai did not waste any time in the Chat Room and put Weza on the chopping block. “She is loud, rude and vulgar towards me”, she said. She then picked Jossy because she does not trust him and his secret strategy.

After learning that she was up for possible eviction, Confidence vented out to Vimbai that she was not happy that she had to pretend that they were one happy family, in the Heads House. She told Vimbai that she would not pretend that everything was okay, when she knew there are Housemates that want her evicted. Confidence could not stop talking about how fellow Housemates smiled to her face but put her up for Eviction. Her concern was that those that nominated her were not true to themselves.


Confidence, Danny, Jossy, Vina, Weza, Vimbai are up for possible Eviction.