Ghana: Vodafone – Ghana set to roll – ‘ICONS – DIVAS Edition’

By Peterking Quaye – Vodafone Ghana, a leading telecommunication provider on Wednesday launched a ground breaking reality show in the quest to discover, groom and showcase Africa’s first super girl-group.

ICONS ,is a reality show targeting females and to empower them to live their dream in a heavily male dominated music scene in Ghana as a result of varying reasons .It seen as very difficult for females in the music industry to break through these days because they are not given the focus that is needed ,to develop their careers .ICONS-Divas Edition is in a quest to discover ,groom and showcase Africa’s first super girl group. The auditioning would take in Accra, Kumasi, Takoradi and Tamale from December 15-20.

The reality show will give Ghanaians the opportunity to choose the final line-up in Africa’s first super girl group. Females of ages 18-30 will be invited for the auditions and eventually compete for a grand prize. Major recording deal, cash and an exclusive performance at the ‘020 live’ the annual music spectacular from Vodafone-Ghana.

This reality show brings a new crop of entertainment events management ,Vodafone is partnering with Storm 360 a Nigerian base, Paradise Entertainment label for 4X4 for the project .In an interactive presentation during the launch partner of the event give the gathered press an insight to the entire show. Carmen Bruce-Annan, Head of Corporate Communications, Vodafone-Ghana , said ,three special ladies who have always imagined how they would showcase their talent to the world .we will empower them to make their dream a reality and help them have careers long after ‘020’live she added . According to her Vodafone-Ghana, as a customer obsessed company ,we  constantly aim to put our customer at the heart of everything we do.

As to how subscribers of the company will be part of the show, it was intimated by Carmen Bruce-Annan, apart from enjoying the musical talents the ICONS will discover, viewers will enjoy the ups and down, laughter and tears ,the surprises and twists that produce a great reality show. Mr Duke Banson, Chief Executive Officer of Paradise Entertainment said the music industry is tough for newcomers .He said the show would transform three ladies to give them a place in the world stage.

Mrs Nkiru Asika, Director at Storm 360 said ‘ICON-Divas Edition would be the hottest show ever aired to aired on local television in Ghana ,looking at  the experience level of her company with Naija, Apprentice Africa among other to their credit .She said her outfit have the expertise and the vision to bring true quality to the screen.

ICONS ,will be debut across the major stations in the New Year. Interested female can check on information on the event on .