Ghana: Mixed reaction to Confidence’s return

By Peteking Quaye – Evicted Ghanaian representatives for the Big Brother Amplified reality show, Confidence Haugen has shrugged off suggestions that her reaction when evicted from the House was a reflection of how desperately she needed the $200,000 at stake.

Confidence Haugen

Confidence Haugen

Some commentators have described Confidence’s declaration of “Good, I am done with you guys…I am out of this place,” as a face-saving gesture after her eviction. Quite uncharacteristic of other evictees, Confidence headed straight for the exits, declining to hug and share a word or two with the other Housemates until perhaps her closest friend, Weza, ran to hug her.

Speaking on one of Ghana’s top radio program a day after her eviction, the Aphrodisiac night club owner said she was not bothered by the lost opportunity to win free cash, insisting money was not her motivation for going into the contest. For her, it was for the exposure the show came with.

“I wanted to show that we have fabulous people in Africa just like the Kimora Lee Simonses and Kardashians; that there are hard working fabulous women in Ghana. I do not need the money. It’s really about the exposure for me as a business woman”.

The 37-year old said she was voted out of the House because she was seen as a threat by the other housemates and not because she was rude, bossy or boring as some viewers have suggested.

“I am a friendly person, however it is easier to be friendly to people who are genuine. Those people in the Big Brother house are not genuine. It is just a game for them. I tried to be real and open with all the members.”

Confidence had been nominated three times since the inception of this year’s Big Brother six weeks ago but although she survived the first two, Africa voted not to save her this time. She thus misses out on the $200,000 prize money.

She added that she was grateful for the love and support shown by her country folk and the rest of Africa, and promised to continue being a role model for hardworking Ghanaian women.

With the vivacious Confidence out of the house, Ghanaian viewers will now concentrate their attention on Ghana’s remaining representative, the smooth-talking Alex, who as Head of House in the Tails section replaced himself with Karen, to hold the fort until the grand finale.

Confidence is expected back into the country on Wednesday evening to address the press on Thursday June 16, 2011. At the Press conference , Confidence Haugen, Ghana’s female representative evicted from Big Brother Africa Amplified contest, yesterday denied reports that she went nude during her stay in the Big Brother House.

Though what appears to be a photograph of her being nude featured on the front pages of several Ghanaian newspapers, Confidence told a packed news conference at the Golden Tulip Hotel that she never ever showed her nudeness. “I did not go nude and what went on in the House was not a sexual thing, just hilarious.

I know a lot of guys were interested in me but only Michael came to tell me ‘you are beautiful’. Confidence, who denied that she was kissed by Michael, also said she had no regrets about the nude picture she took while in the house. “It was a task and I wanted to get the best picture. You have to be comfortable in your own skin,” she said.

The said photograph showed 37-year-old Confidence showing her naked boobs and having them fondled by a male Housemate, 24-year-old Zues from Botswana. Interestingly, Confidence did not stop to tell the young chap that ‘monkeys play by sizes’ but rather used her palms in pressing his hands further on her breasts as if to say, “hold my boobs dear”.

Zues was wearing a pair of boxer shorts and was seated at the edge of the bathtub with his feet in the water. He had his legs parted in a way that his opened thighs served as a perfect seat of comfort for Confidence.

Zues had placed his palms on Confidence boobs, as she placed her hands on his palms and pushed them further on her breasts. The pair of breasts looked ‘heavy’ and younger that what the natural breasts of a 37-year-old should look like. They were round and firm enough to make a gay turn heterosexual.

But she has denied she was nude and said she does not regret being evicted from the competition and that though $200,000 is no small amount of money, she was not really in need of that amount as all she wanted was to have fun in the BBA House.

“Big Brother taught me that there was more to the life that I led. I’ve realised that the people I left at home when I went into the house are important and they make my life worth living.“I was happy because I missed home and happy that I was going home to meet my people. Big Brother is great fun and the housemates treated me with kindness,” she told the media.

In another development Confidence Haugen, one of Ghana’s representatives in the on-going Big Brother Africa (BBA) Amplified reality show is expected back home in Accra on, Wednesday June 15, 2011 after a most unforgettable six week experience in the BBA House.

Ghana’s representative had been put up for eviction for the third time, together with contenders, Kenyan born Millicent, Vimbai from Zimbabwe, Ethiopian Hanni, Nigerian Vina, Weza from Angola and Motswana rapper Zeus, in what has been described as the most intense live eviction show from the Big Brother Amplified studios in Johannesburg, South Africa.

Out of the nominated Housemates, only Zeus, Weza and Confidence received a country popularity vote each. In such a case, the rules of the Game stipulates that the contestant with the lowest average percentage vote across Africa is voted off and confidence was evicted through that process.

Commenting on her eviction on stage after a rousing welcome by the audience, Confidence told host of the show IK, “I just want to say thank you to Africa for saving me twice. I hope by knowing me and watching me on TV you would want to come to Ghana and see and know the people there. I want to thank Ghana, because without you I couldn’t have made it here as a representative of the country. Thank you to everyone who helped me on this journey and thanks to Big Brother for making it worthwhile.”

Confidence, who has been described as one of the most fascinating and outspoken representatives at this year’s BBA reality show, will be met on arrival at the Kotoka International Airport at 1700 hrs GMT by her family, supporters, journalists and close associates.

The thirty-seven year old owner of the biggest Night Club, Aphrodisiac, entered the BBA House as Ghana’s second representative with alluring charm, ready to take on the challenge as a hot contender. Her assertive, honest, no-nonsense attitude earned her both admirers and ardent critics, in and out of the House.

With Confidence’s exit, Alex Biney becomes the only representative of the country still in the Game, and Ghana’s only chance, to win the grand prize.

We wish him the very best!

The next step…

Things can only get better for Confidence, from this point on. Her drive is to truly highlight the entertainment scene in Ghana, with Aphrodisiac being just the tip of the iceberg. Her Media House Venus is set to roll out TV shows highlighting the true essence of showbiz, the essence of her and her birthplace, Ghana, whilst giving others a run for their money.

Children, and breast cancer in particular are causes Confidence identifies with and she intends to be at the forefront of these causes.

… the story has just begun.

Signed: Confidence Haugen’s Management Team. will keep you update on what Confidence is doing in Ghana .