Ghana: Danger as Confidence on eviction list again

By Peterking Quaye – One of Ghana’s representative at this years’ Big Brother Africa Confidence Holgan ,Managress of Aphrodisiac Hotel in Accra. Danger  blurs for Confidence as this eviction came as a huge surprise to her, also looking at the voting partner have not been convincing for her ,as Ghanaian  involvement is not too high.

Confidence boobsNew monitored on this monday evening’s Big Brother Amplified nomination show saw nomination  Confidence and Vina coming up for possible eviction alongside Millicent, Hanni, Zeus, Weza and Felicia. Lomwe, the Head of House surprisingly saved his ‘country-woman’, Felicia instead of his love interest, Hanni. Lomwe chose to save fellow Namibian, Felicia and put Vimbai in her place instead.

Vina, Lomwe, Hanni and Millicent were the only ones that didn’t nominate the Botswana rapper. Most of them said he’s very egocentric while others felt that he was stiff competition for them.

The Housemates were given the breakdown as they gathered in the lounge. The mood seemed a bit calmer and more relaxed than it normally is during Nominations evenings, probably because a whopping seven Headsmates are up. Confidence had the most animated reaction to her Nomination. She laughed loudly upon hearing her name and proclaimed “I told you guys!”

The rest of the Nominees seemed to take it in their stride. Millicent and Hanni both gave two thumbs up, while the rest smiled sheepishly. Lomwe clearly made a decision that a lot of people didn’t see coming. Most of the Housemates seemed resigned to the fact that he would save Hanni, Vina or Zeus.

Zeus nominated Vimbai and Weza, who both nominated him anyway. The Head of House, Lomwe also put Weza up and added Confidence to his list because they are both well-established on the outside. Vimbai said she was putting Confidence up because, “she herself had said her purpose has been fulfilled and she’s praying to go home”. Hanni had three nominations from Millicent, Felicia and Sharon O while Vina, Weza, Millicent, Felicia and Confidence all had two Nominations each.

Vina was nominated by Millicent and Wendall, Millicent was stung by Vina and Hanni while Felicia got a blow from Hanni and Confidence; and Vimbai was the other one that put Confidence up. Though Lomwe has the power to save himself, only Weza nominated him. Zimbabwean Housemates Vimbai and Wendall also had one nomination each while none of the Headsmates remembered Sharon O.

We see what Ghana and Africa will do to keep Confidence in the house ,as many Ghana sees her as the liveliest to ever come from Ghana to enter the house ,bearing no sentiment ,the is a game and hope that all will get involve and see her up to the top .