Ghana: ‘Hitz Discovery’ train takes off .Next stop ?

By Peterking Quaye – One of Ghana’s leading radio station and a member of the multimedia group of companies –Hitz Fm has roll out it version of music reality show. The Reality show  aims at unearthing talents of young Ghanaians who love to sing.

Ghana like many African countries has  lots of budding talents in the areas of singing, rapping, acting, modelling, among others,  but who to discover, encourage and nurture these talents to the next level has always been a major problem. It might be as a result of funds to finish the process of getting to stardom .

In Ghana, reality shows keep springing up every now and then with a common concept. Winners are picked show after show, prizes given and what is next is never known. That becomes the end of the road for the winners.

‘Hitz Discovery’ is not only about singing. It welcomes all genre of music, be it hip life, reggae, ragga, gospel, high life, dance hall. Various areas have been shortlisted into 5 zones.

After the auditions, 3 talents will qualify each from the 5 zones. The show will actually begin when the 15 contestants starts the real deal in the studios of Hitz FM. They will be allowed to perform and listeners will be given the chance to vote for their favourite via a Vodafone short code to be announced later.

According to Daddy Bosco, Programms Director of Hitz Fm whoever wins the ‘Hitz Discovery’, stardom is guaranteed. He said the station is ready to promote the talent who emerges as the winner. It doesn’t matter which genre of music the person does. They are ready to promote a talent, not the genre.

As we all know, it cost a lot to market or promote the final product than even being in the studios. Is there anyone ready for these marketing and promotional problems? Well, we have a “yes” from Hitz FM as they prepare to unearth musical talents with the launch of their reality show dubbed ‘Hitz Discovery’.

The sole aim of the reality show is to scout for raw musical talents, nurture and make them stars. Like other reality shows which have restrictions like age, Hitz Discovery comes with no restrictions. All you need is to have the talent.