CHRIS ATTOH ‘SHOT’ – ‘6 hours to Christmas’

By Peterking- This is Sparrow Production latest movie-“6 hours to Christmas”. As it is normal of the Christmas seasons lot of opportunities and memories thrives and every individual’s wish is to celebrate these opportunities and memories in grand style, but what happens when things takes a different facet and the results become bitter?

Chris Attoh, ‘shot ’, one of Ghana’s movie star was shot by the police upon resisting arrest in the movie –“6 hours to Christmas” depicted in a flashback scene. Chris with a huge profile to his credit in the entertainment business, a Seasoned T.V and Radio Presenter, he has graced the Television screens with many memorable moments, from Ghana to London to South Africa and has left a dramatic impact in the world of Radio, Film and Television. Chris left the acting scene for a while to concentrate on his number one passion, Directing.

He enrolled in the New York Film Academy to further add value to himself, taking an all round Film Makers Course in December 2009. He returned to Ghana in late April 2010 and landed his first job as Second unit Director and Assistant Editor, working once again with close friend Shirley Frimpong- Manso on her movie “Check Mate” starring Nadia Buari. Aside anchoring the popular yearly reality TV show -Stars Of The Future.

Chris Attoh is currently manages his own company as C.E.O for “A Factory limited” a Media and Television concept development company in Dzorwulu. Trained as a professional Abstract Painter at the University of Science and Technology – Ghana, he acquired a B.F.A in Fine Art. After University Chris went on to further his experience in Television in London, on Original Black Entertainment T.V.

“6 hours Christmas’ is the normal ‘what if’ questions we ask and are faced with in our daily life activities crafted in a more thought provoking and comic manner. From Africa’s award winning director, AMAA 2010, Shirley Frimpong Manso, sought to portray in her latest movie and gradually curving a niche for herself.

The movie ‘6 hours to Christmas’ tells a story of a young and creative director of an advertising outfit, Reggie played by (Chris Attoh). He has promised his lovely wife fireworks and a dinner before the stroke of midnight on 24th night but when the night was due, Reggie falls into the hands of his female colleague in the office, Pebbles played by (Damilola Adegbite) from Nigeria. She gives Reggie a Christmas gift, which he finds very impossible to refuse. Reggie is now stuck between going home with Pebbles and going home to meet his lovely wife Akos.

The storyline follow a clear path of an unending love story filled with seduction, blackmail, strong will to be different. Movie goers should be prepare for a flash of great technical works from a master mind in the movie industry in Africa the West Coast of Africa, Ghana.

Character casting and editing combines with solid lighting as well as very good stunts is what ,l can say about the movie, that is about to talk Ghana by storm. The story describes a strong bond of love that nothing can come between. Colleague entertainment editors at the press preview were short of words to describe the movie, as many interviews were of the view that the storyline was good and technically has less to comment about.

New Fylla in an exclusive interview with Shirley,  explaining the rationale behind such type of movie ,she explained that something new needs to come into the industry and this movie is another to a make a case for Ghanaian movies. -“Postbaby, l had the inspiration to put this piece together; she said laughing, such a hardworking woman”. When asked about, how she had to put the idea on paper for a movie.

The movie also features Nil Odoi Mensah, Benny Eshun, Sena Tsikata from ‘Things we do for love’ fame and touches on social and ethical issues in relationships. It will premiere on Friday, October 29 at the National Theatre.

Shirley Frimpong-Manso stable has to her credit Life and Living It, Scorned, Perfect Picture, A Sting in a Tale and Checkmate.