Archipelago thrills fans

By Peterking Quaye- ‘Achipelago’ is a brand new creation, culminating in Accra World Premiere show on 27th of October, and then followed by an international tour in 2010-2011.

Kubilai Khai Investigations, a famous contemporary dance company from France, eager to explore artistic exchanges worldwide, arrived in Accra in April to give a series of master classes with Noyam Dance Company and the Department of Performing Arts of Legon. They also auditioned the Ghanaian Dancer chosen to join the project.

‘Archipelago’ gave birth to a brand new creation staging Frank Micheletti, choreographer and dancer from France, Idio Chichava, dancer from Mozambique, and  Sara Naa Ayele, female dancer from Noyam-Ghana.

This choreography piece for three dancers and two musicians presents a diversified palette of unsettling world portraits. Choreographer Franck Micheletti plunges us deeply into the contemporaneousness of a country.  He provided the audience with a glance of disorders and turbulences that shakes up the “new world”, an engagement of what surrounds us and what surprises us. Curtain raiser was from  Somu Yie ‘Hold with Care’ from the evergreen Noyam Dance Company Dancers

A moving and poetic choreographic writing created in dialogue with a video graphic work produced in Ghana by Roman Kronenberg, and a musical composition ran live on stage by guitarists Remy Aurine-Belloc and Romain Kronemberg.

Fans interview at the event by were of the view that the dance was fun and artistical well directed and hope to have a repeat soon .

The project was made possible through the support of Culturesfrance, and will be subsequently perform in Kumasi and will be part of the international Dance Biennale, Danse l’Afrique Danse, in Bamako, on the 5th of November.

This show already was seen as promised to international recognition and will be perform in various theatres in France in 2011, March 25th : Theâtre en Dracénie / Draguignan , April 1st : Théâtre du CNCDC de Châteauvallon ,April 14th : La Comédie, Scène nationale de Clermont-Ferrand ,June 11th : Théâtre Interlude, Cholet

The Production was by, The Kubilai Khan Investigations, Co-productions: French Embassy in Ghana, Theatre Dracénie Draguignan, Alliance Française d’Accra with the support of Culturesfrance.