Africa: Confidence shows no lack of it when displaying her stuff

Things got hotter in the Big Brother Amplified show, Tuesday night, when one of Ghana’s rep in the show, Confidence, decided to bare in all.

Confidence boobs


The steaming hot Confidence gave the show watchers a memorable treat when the housemates were tasked to do an Amplified calendar and video shoot.

The Big Brother Amplified Housemates had very little time for supper and concentrated on getting the perfect snaps for the Big Brother Africa calendar.

The Housemates all helped each other with the makeup and clothes that had been given to them to use during their different Amplified calendar and video shoots.

Despite the rainfall outside, the Housemates managed to capture a wide array of beautiful shots for the calendar, using Biggie’s Amplified Technology: The Samsung Galaxy Tab.

The indoor shots were no less beautiful, and the Housemates seemed to have no problem strutting their stuff in front of the camera.

The Housemates have been tasked with producing a professional calendar, complete with a “Making Of” video for their first Task.

The four themes the Housemates were working with were: Discretely Nude, Around the World, Swimsuit Sublime and the Fancy Dress theme.

The Tails wagered 100 percent for this particular Task,  while the Heads decided to wager only 50 percent.

Confidence, Danny, Jossy, Uganda, Vina, Weza and Vimbai are the six housemates who are up for eviction this week.

Ghanaians can vote to keep Confidence in the house by voting online or through SMS. Text Confidence’s name to 1477 on all  networks.

In a  related development Day 10: Luclay and Nkuli cozied up in bed and fell asleep in each other’s arms after flirting and playing touchy-touchy on her bed just after dinner.

The two South Africans chuckled as they wrestled each other on the bed while they were both constantly heard complaining about why the other was touching the wrong places.

Luclay wanted to get Nkuli’s opinion about the dinner he had prepared for the Housemates and she said it was good but rather bony.

Meanwhile, it seemed as though Nkuli was getting a bit uncomfortable with Luclay’s closeness and asked him to keep his wandering hands where they belong.