3DFusion and Cirque Du Soleil Introduce the First “Perfect Picture” glasses-free 3D Digital Signage Display

New York – 3DFusion Corp. (www.3dfusion.com) announced its joint collaboration with Cirque Du Soleil and the Mirage Hotel in celebrating the 5th anniversary of the Beatles “LOVE” theatrical extravaganza. Showcased at the Mirage Hotel, 3DFusion introduces their 52″, glasses free 3DTV display, featuring the Cirque Du Soleil, “LOVE” performance, currently on stage at the Mirage Hotel in Las Vegas.

“The Mirage Hotel “LOVE” 3D display is the first of many 3DFusion installations planned for the Las Vegas area,” stated Paul Cohan, President of Frahan Solutions Inc, the 3DFusion marketing firm that was instrumental in putting together the Cirque / Mirage 3D Promotional package.

Lou D’Angeli, President of Cirque/RSD wanted to add another dimension to their smash hit “LOVE” Beatles-themed show. Working with the award winning Cimarron Group and its president Bob Farina, they decided to showcase scenes from “LOVE” and spotlight them on 3DFusion’s 52″ auto stereoscopic display. (ASD)

Commented Bob Farina…”Since we are working with such remarkable images, we wanted to clearly convey the artistry and wow factor and draw viewer’s right into the show. Add to that an amazing Beatles soundtrack; we had the added task of making the imagery compliment the audio, a real labor of LOVE”.

This first Broadcast Quality glasses free 3D display is housed in a Mirage lobby showcase filled with Beatles memorabilia.

“The Mirage Hotel is happy to house this ground breaking technology”, stated David Seifert, Mirage Hotel Manager – “It looks fabulous, this is the wave of the future”.

This event marks the Premier introduction of the 3DFusion’s 3DFMax™ 52″ Auto Stereoscopic Display (ASD) in Las Vegas. 3DFusion’s unique proprietary solution eliminates 3D glasses, viewing restrictions, ghosting, and the visual discomfort usually associated with 3D displays.

“I think the 3DFusion screens and their “LOVE” content conversion is AMAZING. People stop in their tracks to watch…become instantly engaged. This is just the thing for our shows, and we are very pleased and excited,” commented Cirque Marketing Director Jennifer Seigler.

In a recent HDTV Magazine publication, 3DFusion was quoted as being “the Queen of CES”…

“So which was the best looking glasses-free large screen 3DTV? Who was the 3D-glasses-free queen of CES? Not Sony’s 56″ 4K, or 46″ 2K LCD panel prototypes shown with floor platforms that wisely limited the viewing area/angles. Not the 65″ and 56″ LCD models from Toshiba shown with fixed feet marks on the floor (so you better not move) in a tunnel-type booth that also precluded angled views other than straight to the set. Not even LG. The best looking large screen 3D image without using 3D glasses to my eyes was the one demoed by 3DFusion.”

“Our 3DTV platform clearly illustrates what 3D television viewing should be. We have not only solved the 3D glasses issues without sacrificing picture quality, but we have developed the complete A to Z 3D technology upgrade as a seamless replacement for conventional 2D television.” said Ilya Sorokin, 3DFusion C.E.O.

At the recent National Association of Broadcasters (NAB) Show in Las Vegas, 3DFusion demoed their “real time on the fly” 3D Camera capture on their glasses free ASD, showing the Live Basketball game exhibition at the 3ALITY Digital booth outside of Central Hall.

Broadcast Engineering Magazine in an April 26 article penned by Michael Grotticelli observed the following: “New York City-based 3D Fusion used a live basketball game outside of the Las Vegas Convention Center during the NAB Show to demonstrate its new 3DFMax autosteroscopic transmission system, which allows viewers to watch live 3-D images without special glasses. The 3-D platform, which is designed to mimic the way the eye sees, addresses the entire production chain, from live camera capture and control room engineering to viewer display.”

Scott Williamson from Ultimate AV Magazine, upon viewing the 3DFusion Live camera capture published the following excerpts from their April 15th article…”Most impressive was the complete absence of visible boundaries between viewing cones and crosstalk as I walked around the screen…Another hallmark of the system is its flexibility and adjustability…, optimized settings for a particular image can be embedded in the signal so it looks correct without having to adjust anything. One thing’s for sure—this technology is the most promising glasses-free 3D I’ve seen, especially when applied to a 4K panel.”

The 3DFusion 3DFMax™ technology is a Math based marriage of the classical left /right 3D stereo pairs with state of the art PC processing. 3DFusion developed this IP solution and holds the Exclusive worldwide Rights for the 3DFMax™ advancements.

“Our 3DFMax™ Broadcast Quality 3DTV package allows the end-user to adjust the depth to his personal preference, the same as he would adjust the volume on his tv”, said 3DFusion president, Stephen Blumenthal. Continuing he stated…”the 3DFMax™ 3DTV as a consumer product is designed to produce a realistic, more natural 3D image which can be watched for hours with the same comfort level as current Hi Def 2D TV. Not your Granddaddy’s 3D, this is the future of 3DTV.”

3DFusion has also been commissioned to install their 42″ 3D ASD Display in the esteemed Grammys Museum in LA, as another joint project with Cirque Du Soleil. The 3DTV will be available for viewing after the second week of June this year.

3DFusion brings to market the first ASD commercial grade Broadcast Quality 3DTV to be introduced anywhere in the world. 3DFusion is currently providing a full line of client 2D content conversion services to support the sales of their latest 3DTV ASD platform. 3DFusion is seeking strategic partnerships with companies engaged in digital signage, entertainment, and gaming applications.