Zimbabwe: Gweru artist plans on establish a gallery

By Trinity Matendere – INTERNATIONALLY acclaimed artist, Munyaradzi Chibaya has felt the hurt by lack of a confluence for the artistic and innovative intellects in the City of Progress a development that prompted him to think of establishing an arts gallery.

cape buffalo
cape buffalo

Chibaya an introspective third generation artist said he believes the province is laden with a lot of unattended opportunities.

Chibaya said yhat his need to launching such a marketing pediment was necessitated by his by his nomadic childhood experiences which he owes to his father’s continuous promotions and transfers across the country.

“Over the years life taught me it is important to establish a place of belonging, a place that allows opportunities to flow. It is important that we live in faith that our lives are best depended on the available resources hence we need to utilize them.

donkey riders

donkey riders

“In my opinion in Gweru we are unable to run the arts industry smoothly because we do not have a functional industry on which part of the industry thrive which results in us flocking to beautify other people’s towns.” said Chibaya.

The self taught artist describes his varied collection caption of a celebrated primitive Africa culture and traditions through the eye of a painter. Currently some of works are on three months temporary exhibition that end in Tanzania and South African galleries that end in June respectively.

He said the situation in Gweru’s arts industry is apathetic and compromised like in Ngugi Wa Thiongo’s book,Matigari, which portrays live of talented people subjected to oppression t the hands of capitalist.

“It’s challenging to live in such a situation that we are in today, where those that deal in painting are making more than the painters.” he comments.

The 27 year old artist, yearning for his 11th year in the industry asserts dignity for people in their living in harmony with their surrounding, growth in community relations, relates to the emergence of art.

He said capturing Africans’ cultures is purely a distinct way of priding primitive life style that we lead on day to day bases. In his opinion an environment friend community should be free from violence. He explained likening his unnamed painting of young boys riding on the back of a donkey to its experiences in biblical texts, citing that in Africa a donkey is a calm and submissive creature that is laboured though without retaliating. He further said should it revolt it’s a sign of a miracle like in the bible. (Number 22 verses 27)