Zimbabwe: Fashion designer bemoan lack of national outfit

By Alfred Tembo – Fashion designer has cast lack of morality in the country on the failure by the government to establish a national outfit that aid to distinguish people either by tribes or nationality when on international forums.

Failure to launch an outfit that can empower people through equity in the societies the come from, can lowering divorce the high rates of divorces as man will have no other women to compare their mates with and influence a new trend of fashion among other positive factors.

An emergency need for a dignified national outfit in Zimbabwe has been chiefly regarded as possible contributing factor to eradication of immorality that is currently slowing down promotion of the richness of Africans traditions across the globe.

“The major cause to a moral degraded nation like our country (Zimbabwe) there is needs to find immediate attention to solving this dilemma of lacking a dress code that can cut other issues like high rates of HIV and AIDS, unfaithful among men and at the same time our appreciation for a rich cultural national country like ours.” said Musarurwa Anna, a clothing designer with Midlands Embroidery.

The other continents across the globe boast of preserved cultural heritages, and such counties are Japan, India, China, and Pakistan among other state. But these countries continue penetrating into other countries corrupting them with all sorts of fashion trends which contribute to traditional erosion.

Musarurwa went on to say for the nation to find and stir up substance in our women leaders, they also have to lead the talk rather than basing on political agendas. This being for the reason that their voices substantiates at all levels of social interaction.
“Unlike in the past, we now have women representation in high offices who can assist in lobbing for an independent team that can push forth, the idea of coming up with a possible national outfit that can help us to be identified and distinguished as Zimbabweans while in different places in this global community.” she commented.

At the bottom of 21st century the Zimbabwean government attempted to generate the initiative of coming up with a national outfit in what was later hijacked by ZANU PF and came up with what is today known as the party regalia. And also a couple of years back Zimbabwe failed to full fill own proposal of coming up with gown for speaker of parliament which saw most fashion designer coming forward with possible designs. Today the speaker of Parliament inherited the then speaker of parliament John Landa’s tattered robe.

Unlike other countries on the continent Zimbabwe, is one such county that does not have a distinguished national outfit. While on the other hand countries like Zambia, Malawi, Nigeria among other countries own a special chitenge dressing locally known as maZambia locally, these dressings are known respectively by their country’s local communities by different names. South Africa has on dressings at tribal levels, which helps members of the country to be known when they visit to other places.

However others who spoke with shout-africa.com argue that many jobs will be lost in the process of changing the current situation for a formalized national outfit.

“Lot of companies will go bankrupt should we initiate the idea of a national outfit. What will happen to companies and people selling such labels like as Nike, Addidas, Reds, Faith wear, when they are also making an attempt to offer variety on the clothing market?“ said Simbarashe Masitara.

While Maria Mahachi a fashion merchandiser had this to say “It becomes a relevant matter to those that have Africa at heart. And on the other availability will influence lowering the exorbitant of fashion prices of exotic”.