Shout-Africa Zwa Celeb Focus: Jeys Marabini

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This week we interview exciting, enterprising, dynamic creative genius, musician par excellence and Zimbabwe’s invaluable cultural ambassador JEYS MARABINI of Kozekulunge.

Jeys has steadily but surely risen to become a force to reckon with not only in Zimbabwe but Africa and worldover.(pictured,  below):

Jeys Marabini,Newspaper Cuttings and pictures from Izenzo Album 153

Jeys welcome to Shout-Africa ?

Thank you.

What have you been up to recently?

Busy with shows and doing workshops and charity work in Zimbabwe.

Where are we likely to see you performing again?

This festive season I have many gigs in Bulawayo, these include private functions and festivals.

What’s the most memorable concert you’ve done?

Collaboration with Peter Gabriel in Seatle, USA in 2001.

How would you pay the bills if you weren’t a musician?

I can’t even imagine that as music has been part of my life.

What forthcoming projects, concerts or collaborations are on the cards?

I am working on my sixth album which will be produced by Don Laka of South Africa.

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