Miss ZimDiamond Semi finals – The Pride of Zimbabwe

In the heart of the ‘Minories’ Aldgate, in London, in the United Kingdom, the Abbey Bar opened its lively architectural condo for Miss ZimDiamond Semi- finals to compete to procure a ‘highly’ desired position in the finals. Like the rest of us, some of the individuals who would have been biased about the elegant event being held in this bar, were all profoundly disappointed & fabulously embarrassed to have contemplated on this ideology, for this joint, was fantastically the ideal venue to bring the pride of Zimbabwe to it fullest recognition.

The award winner & nominee Glorianne Francis, the founder & C.E.O of Miss Zim Diamond has worked extremely hard to get Miss Zim Diamond to where it is now. It must be noted, with ‘not-so-advanced’ knowledge in pageants, though enough to make this comment after attending & reporting on some, this is the first time an observation has been evidenced of a full pageantry were semi-finalists are down sized to finalists. It must be commended that it was a well displayed notion.

Beautiful Zimbabwean girls competing to make the final thirteen (after a wildcard pick) who would go on to compete for the Miss ZimDiamond 2011 crown. Not forgetting the highlight that Glorianne has proved herself to be a success by making her vision lucrative that the Zimbabwean Tourism Board had to lift the ban for Diaspora pageantry (Miss ZimDiamond) to be permitted to compete in the Miss Zimbabwe Pageant. What an honourable achievement to Glorainne.

What stood out at the semi-finals event was the exhibition of the pride of the Zimbabwean culture which could be depicted from every presentation, be it the performers, the judges and not forgetting the girls themselves as they paraded their Zimbabwean heritage, this spirit of pride saturating the atmosphere with its undeniable presence. From the intro appearance of the girls, catwalking to a full Zimbabwean ‘appreciating’ song by BKay & Kazz with Zimbabwean flags held in their hands hiding their faces symbolizing what these beautiful faces fully represent. There was no mistaking what was being portrayed by this magical message, promotion of Zimbawean beauty & brains, an outstanding promotional height of the magnificent country of Zimbabwe.

The girls were all dressed by Zimbabwean designers who show cased an array of well-tailored clothing lines. Curvy Swan, designed by Adel Kaseke, who has recently also published a book, sponsored their casual chic wear. African Attire was a mixture of four outstanding designers, Haranga Klodz, Leah African Designs, Chenai Chic and Bekezela Nsingo. A popular face in the entertainment business that graced the stage was former Zimbabwean radio dj & presenter, Kelvin Sifelani who was responsible for grilling the semi-finalists with the ever dreaded question-time, who was later assisted by another host Danny English..’

Pamela Kaseke-mushore

Pamela Kaseke-mushore

Every one is now looking forward to another greater indulgence at the finals which will be held at the prestigious Royal National Hotel in Russel Square, London.

Thirteen girls who crossed over from the semi-finals to becoming the finalists are being prepped to produce a respectable Zimbabwean Ambassador. If Zimbabwe can ask for an astonishing applaudable platform to showcase its pride….Miss Zim Diamond has so far come to the desirable expectation.

The vision has surely appraised itself by its fruits, ‘Bringing the Pride of Zimbabwe as a force to be reckoned with in the fashion & entertainment world by showcasing beautiful girls through their beauty, talent & entrepreneurial skills.’

By Pamela Kaseke-mushore.
Founder ‘Compassion Acceptance Need’
HIV/AIDS Charity ‘bringing the awareness of HIV & AIDS and helping to eradicate stigma, discrimination and prejudice in the field.