First Impressions of The Working Model

By Delali Osun Haligah – USA – Working Model Two Day Intensive was a success!  Here are some statements of workshop participants and what they thought of the experience.

Although it was only for 2 days “The Working Model” was a great program and I found it to be not only very informative but  beneficial and  fun as well. Many of my questions were immediately answered; and, I loved the fact that I was able to geta professional opinion of my weaknesses  and what I needed to work on, as well as encouragement for my strengths…The best part of the class was everyones acceptance and support for/ to each other, I LOVED IT!!! I’d lke to say thank-you to Miss  Delali, Soraya, and Gary for everything!! This has truly been an unforgettable experience…



The Working Model

Natalie, it was an honor to work with someone who could focus their mind and perfect their skills in such a short time!  As we stated before, your instant improvement during the first day of The Working Model astounded us, and your progress never ceased.  Never let anyone define you- define yourself. We have great hopes for you, and know that you are destined to be – A working model!

I must say that I had a blast…. it was filled with excitement, warmthand lots of love… Much love and respect to you Miss  Delali for yourcontinual love of and for the craft…and to your’ Esteem Team’;

(Sora, Gary, Andrea) in aiding you in every step of the way.. and to ALL the working models… I applaude you, and admire you for taking this first step that will give you a foundation that you can now build on….

‘SOLO; (Tanya Kerr)more to luv…

The Working Model

Solo, the ‘Esteem Team’ as you’ve dubbed us, always leave ‘THE WORKING MODEL’ speaking about you and your professional ism!

We sincerely hope that you have a renewed dedication for your craft, because you have all the ingredients!  Thank you for your hard work and dedication. We know that you  will be – A WORKING MODEL!