Cameroon: Social benefit ECO-Lodge in Yaounde


By Joshua KonkankohThe Ndanifor Eco-Lodge for which Better World Cameroon (BWC) is seeking international support has become the signature programme for BWC. It has been designed to host the Environmental Science, Technology and Cross-Cultural Education Centre of BWC. This Vocational Education Programme provides Ndanifor Social Entrepreneurs, (Ndanifor Garden Club) consisting of BWC trained environmental technicians with the knowledge and skills to develop and execute strategies for achieving sustainability, within the framework of the MDGs at scale.

The most visible feature of this programme is a two week residential Summer Work-camp organised by the Ndanifor Community Garden Project NCGP in association with NICE Japan, SOLIDARITE JEUNESSE France and other African collaborators. This is one of the major factors contributing to the programme’s international recognition.

Urban Slum and socially excluded children in rural areas need not only basic education, but also the ability to deal with an increasingly complex and connected world. Ndanifor Eco-Lodge is out to create inclusive innovative educational solutions that will address all sections of society and help transform them through a special education program with the support of Enabling Support Foundation USA.

Now, more than ever before, it is critical to look at solutions that complement the framework of traditional schooling in poverty stricken areas. Minimally Invasive Education is one such solution – a solution that uses IT, the power of collaboration and the natural curiosity of children to catalyze learning. To find out more about the solution : Contact Joshua:

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  • Facilitate Network-learning and best practices in overcoming barriers to youth employment, poverty and environmental degradation.
  • Organise and run intensive residence Conservation Education, facilitated by leading edge social entrepreneurs and integrated with distance learning resources.
  • Recruit seasoned executive volunteers to provide ongoing coaching, validate social enterprise business models and develop tactical change management strategies.


The Ndanifor Community Garden Project (NCGP) was created in 2006 in association with NGUKT to provide affordable land-based income generating activities to low-income youth living in city slums in Cameroon. NCGP Biodiversity and Youth Entrepreneurship Courses over the years have provided livelihoods to over 300 young men and women enabling the socially excluded to increase their food productivity and live fuller lives. Out of these have been selected a new breed of volunteers called Better World Students Nature Club (BSNC) to create the Ndanifor Eco-Lodge and related social enterprises as a Better World Cameroon Sustainable Development Incubator.

The capacity building programmes of Ndanifor are value-driven and are not been based on maximizing wealth. They are based on BWCs desire to address youth unemployment and children’s social exclusion in a systematic way that inspires their search for breakthrough solutions.

The programmes basically address barriers to literacy, sustainable sanitation, safe drinking water and access to development education.


Although the field of social entrepreneurship is young in Cameroon, NCGP’s Ecological Literacy centre is run by BSNC signalling some new possibilities for addressing some of the most daunting and seemingly intractable challenges of youth unemployment. The new Eco-lodge scheme has been established to put a human face to the search for solutions to poverty and the making of a better world for all. The Eco-Lodge programmes will to serve BSNC, the new change-makers of Ndanifor accompanying them on a journey of mutual discovery and transformation.

Through the discipline of social enterprise planning, Ndanifor Eco-Lodge will help these young entrepreneurs to understand Permaculture processes of modern agricultural production, climate change mitigation and adaptation, fair trade as well as generating the capital for accelerating sustainable growth.

While recognising the importance of seed capital through philanthropic financing and cross cultural collaboration including work with government and other NGO partners, BWC places a particular emphasis on earned income and long term financial sustainability.

BWC has been recognized by the Cameroon government as a unique indigenous NGO with a high potential of bringing together Cameroon youth commitment to the international youth exchange arena and market African Biodiversity Conservation and Cultural Conservation Values in the market place of ideas.

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BWC’s powerful resources and experiences will be used to support and empower the social enterprise work of the Eco-Lodge that we strongly believe will make significant impact in real global climate change issues. The Ndanifor Eco-Lodge will enable BWC participate in world environmental issues from an African perspective.

Joshua Konkankoh

National Coordinator, Better World Cameroon

Business and Partnership Director, Cameroon One World Linking Association (COWLA).

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