Berlin Grooves Set For Johannesburg

By Novell Zwangendaba

The Goethe-Institut South Africa and the German Embassy in Pretoria present Raumwohnung and Dellé in a joint concert on June 21. This event at the Alexander Theatre in Johannesburg is part of “Football meets Culture”, a series of cultural events organised for the Football World Cup. Both bands were founded in Berlin and have already gathered much experience on international stages.

2raumwohnung is known for their melodic rhythms and catchy sing-along-songs which easily get stuck in the head of any listener. Their first album “In wirklich” (“in real”) was launched in 2002 and since then four more CDs and many of their singles got people dancing

in clubs throughout Europe with 2raumwohnung’s very own style: from “pop” to “electro”, from “singer/songwriter” to “disco”. After having played concerts in China, Japan, Spain, and Russia, they will now bring their Grooves to South Africa.

When the German band Seeed took a break after 10 years, Dellé decided to realize his dream: to produce a high quality reggae album . “Before
 I grow old” contains relaxed music, smooth beats, but also pumping beats. The artist with the long dreadlocks and Ghanaian roots today lives
in Berlin with his family. For him “before I grow old” in itself stands to represent the active advancement of his musical and personal life story.
The dream of compiling a reggae album in English. A dream that has been his constant companion for 25 years, since he formed his first reggae band in 1984.

“I’m simply thrilled about “Before I grow old”, and I look forward to performing live with a tight band in clubs.”

He promises to dish out his best, on 21 June at 8pm at the Alexander Theatre. When football meets culture.