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LIBERIA: WASH Media Holds Refresher Workshop

Some WASH Journalists, CSO and Government Partners at the start of the WASH Media Refresher Workshop

The WASH Reporters & Editors Network of Liberia has ended a 2-Day Refresher Workshop for over 20 Liberian Journalists from various media institutions on Water, Sanitation and Hygiene Reportage. The Workshop was aimed at building the capacity of WASH journalists to effectively cover WASH issues and bring to national platform critical issues in the sector. Speaking at the official opening ceremony, Assistant Public Works Minister for Community Services, George Yarngo urged the WASH Media practitioners to double their passion in reporting those issues affecting the WASH sector of the country.

Nigeria: Why Nigerians are becoming less interested in voting

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By Yusuf Ganiyu Olaniran – It is a known fact that a former American president Abraham Lincoln was the one who interpreted democracy as government of the people, by the people and for the people. But in an academic parlance, Abraham’s explanation of describing democracy will not guarantee a student a pass mark. In a general way of expantiating on democracy. It goes thus: The consents of the governed is highly desirable for any person to come around to rule the people.  In a broader and wider way, democracy can be defined as a system of government, where periodic elections... Continue Reading

Weekly Column: The earlier this is addressed the better

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By Yusuf Ganiyu Olaniran – Black Maria is a vehicle used in conveying sometimes hardened criminals or suspects to police stations, courts prisons and so on.Permitt me to say that it is only in Nigeria, that this type of vehicle is used for all and sundry irrespective of the nature of the offence committed or law violated. It is worthy to note that, nobody can be called a criminal except if that person has been tried and pronounced guilty by the presiding judge, thereafter the accused becomes a criminal. In Lagos state, south west Nigeria, is where I was born... Continue Reading

Weekly Column: There is no harm in trying

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By Yusuf Ganiyu Olaniran – Aside from Western Sahara that is still awaiting her independent from Spain and Morocco, all other countries or states in Africa have been independent politically, somewhat economically. Our social and religious life in Africa is not what we intend treating in this piece. Most countries in Africa had their independent from the colonial masters more than four decades ago.Yet, not all the citizens or inhabitants of these countries are enjoying the basic or social amenities that can improve the quality of lives. Let me take you on journey into the most populous black in nation... Continue Reading