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LIBERIA: WASH Media Holds Refresher Workshop

Some WASH Journalists, CSO and Government Partners at the start of the WASH Media Refresher Workshop

The WASH Reporters & Editors Network of Liberia has ended a 2-Day Refresher Workshop for over 20 Liberian Journalists from various media institutions on Water, Sanitation and Hygiene Reportage. The Workshop was aimed at building the capacity of WASH journalists to effectively cover WASH issues and bring to national platform critical issues in the sector. Speaking at the official opening ceremony, Assistant Public Works Minister for Community Services, George Yarngo urged the WASH Media practitioners to double their passion in reporting those issues affecting the WASH sector of the country.

Weekly Blogger – There is more joy in giving.

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By Samuel Chamboko – Sawubona! In life Claire Squires lived what would be described as an ordinary life but in death this young Brit will probably have the most profound effect on a lot of people in need. This young lady who collapsed and passed away tragically metres from the finish at the London Marathon would, in life, would have probably raised a modest amount for the Samaritans, a charity she was running in aid of, but after her death touched so many people around the world, she has just raised over a £1m for them. While all this was... Continue Reading

Weekly Blogger: 10 Great Zimbabweans

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By Samuel Chamboko – During the week when we celebrate the 32nd anniversary of our country’s independence, I have decided to take a step back and pay my respects to 10 people who, in my opinion, have pioneered, persevered against the odds and made successes of their lives. Some of these are people who have dedicated great parts of their lives to serving civic society and left indelible landmarks on our country and society in general. In recent years, our country has received a lot of ‘stick’ and bad publicity, for political upheavals, economic turmoil and shortages. There is, however,... Continue Reading

Weekly Blogger: RIP Andy!

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Ndaa! Greetings and salutations. The intention has always been to make this a regular missive, but one gets caught up in the toils of day to day life and instead of doing what you’d love to do, you end up doing what you have to do. That’s just life. Anyway, it’s been an eventful few weeks, with its ups and downs. For me the one major down was the sad passing of Zim music legend, Andy Brown, (real name Cadia Shoko). Here was one helluva guitarist. What most people in the West probably do not know about guys like Andy... Continue Reading

Weekly Column: Language, chicken and jeans

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By Samuel Chamboko – Muraho! Just as a follow up, there is this often unsaid connection between Afrikaans or Afrikaaners and native Africans especially in the Southern African region. While Afrikaaners have never been painted in the best light mainly because of their mothering of the system of apartheid in South Africa, the majority of salt of the earth Afrikaaners are genuinely good people. People might misunderstand their possessiveness with their culture and language as being racism, but it’s not. In my opinion it’s something that many of us could learn a thing or two about. That they have their... Continue Reading