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Sierra Leone: A call for God’s Love and Presence in the midst of adversities

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By Aroun Rashid Deen – New York City Aug 11, 2016 – In an undated poem titled In The Midst of My Pain, Christian author, poet, song writer and playwright, Margaret C. Mullings, calls for God’s Love and Presence in the midst of adversities. The first stanza reads: In the midst of my pain Do not allow my living be in vain. For I must not kick and shove I must be harmless as a dove. Yet I need Your wisdom from above For the storms are raging and the waters Threaten to over take me…the dark Clouds are gathering…but... Continue Reading

South Africa: We should be loyal to the movement for justice


On Thursday, October 15, 2015, a cloudless Johannesburg day, students and supporters gathered at the gates of Wits to protest the impending increase in fees. At the gate next to the Origins Centre, we sang, with passion, asiyifuni iagenda yamacapitalist (We don't want the capitalists' agenda). My voice was hoarse from the singing and chanting, but I was proud to be a Witsie, and gratified to be gathered with other young people, taking action on the issues that profoundly affect our lives. Then a cloud appeared. Not in the sky. Rather it was in the form of a coup from within the protest. A group of African National Congress (ANC) comrades, in their party t-shirts driving BMWs and AUDIs, arrived to deliver pizzas and drinks for

Nigeria has always been within the grasp of terror

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Long before the emergence of Boko Haram, the Nigerian Muslim population-especially those in the northern part-has always craved for a unifying leader. A leader that would lead based on the Sharia system. The amalgamation of the southern and northern protectorates in 1914 saw to the end of the last vestiges of the Uthman Dan Fodio Caliphate