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Revolutionary art work tagged “INSIDE ASO ROCK” an artistic representation of what’s going on inside Aso Rock Villa.


This painting by Mazi Daniel Awgu is a revolutionary painting created to change the way things work in Nigeria, change the mindsets of Nigerians, even in this current economic recession facing the country which has exposed the average Nigerian to hardship. In this interview our Nigerian correspondent, tried to find out why Mr. Daniel Agwu Nwankwo who refers to himself as a prophet with paint and brush conceived this idea, using the seat of government, Nigeria's Presidential Villa, Aso Rock Villa where the president lives and operates from as a focal point to drive home his message of change and hope to Nigerians. The painting is tagged "Inside Aso Rock".

Africa should borrow a leaf from China in cultural and domestic tourism

Thousands of domestic tourists are visiting sites like this former residence of the Ching dynasty at the China Water Town of Zhouzhuang

If Africa is to benefit fully from the tourism industry, there are a series of measures that must be put in place, starting from hard to soft infrastructure. Experiences from China indicate that revenues collected from both visiting tourists from abroad and from domestic tourists could as well be collected likewise in Africa and Tanzania in particular where this reporter originates from if there is a strong will and proper mechanisms.

Tanzania: Arts and Culture an alternative to youth unemployment?

Rajab Swebe one of the miraculous acrobats

The notorious problem of unemployment in Tanzania has generated a series of creativities by youngsters. One of such initiatives is through performing arts, gymnastics and traditional dances. A group of 16 artistes has come up with the Nimujo Edutainment Centre (NEC), being their own creation in the zeal to reduce poverty and earn income to cater for their basic needs. Nimujo is a Makonde name meaning your fellow, it emanates from the Makonde tribe in southern Tanzania.

The first Zimbabwean Fashion Week UK held in Birmingham

Chiedza Dawn Ziyambe and The Mayor of Birmingham, Councillor Raymond Hassall

Styles and clothes are an important part of our cultural identity and what it means to be from Zimbabwe. Fashion week is a celebration of fashion and in addition an acknowledgement of the incredible creativity of the people of Zimbabwe wherever they live in the world.

The new African language helping to heal tribal division

Go sheng

A new African language is helping to reduce tensions and bring young people together in areas previously torn apart by tribal violence. And academics are so impressed by the language’s potential that a social media platform promoting it will form the subject of a major presentation at this year’s eLearning Africa, the continent’s leading conference on technology-assisted learning, training and development.