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New ICT solution for Zambia

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Developing countries like Zambia encounter limitations in as far as the provision of a robust information communication technology (ICT) platform, making the conduct of business, especially with external markets a difficult task. This is where reliable, efficient, effective and innovative 24/7 connectivity becomes a ‘must have’ in today’s competitive marketplace. When communication flows like clockwork, the conduct of business becomes an easy task and success is attainable.

Africa is re-bouncing back after stagnation and mismanagement

Beauties from Madagascar exhibits baskets and other goods from their country - Photo by Elias Mhegera

The African Continent is re-bouncing back, winning over the years of stagnation through colonization but also of mismanagement by African themselves in the post independence period. As from December 2015 Africa and China entered into a new arrangement of co-operation through the Forum on China–Africa Cooperation (FOCAC), an arrangement which some, particularly in the western media have branded as a new form of colonialism through China’s ‘soft power’ style. The FOCAC arrangement has one main advantage which could be singled out, that it is an avenue for African to meet and discuss their continent’s pertinent demands outside the African Union arrangement which at times is hit by camps of retrogressive notions of non-interference.

Africa set benefit from China’s industrial overcapacity

One of the luxurious cars that are produced in China

Africa stands a better chance of benefiting from China’s industrial overcapacity. This is according to Chinese investors and officials of the Investments National Reform Commission. According to Mr. Jianjun Wang, the Director Department of Foreign Capital and Overseas Investment, National Development and Reform Commission, Peoples Republic of China, overcapacity has threatened closures of industries and hence unexpected rapid increase of unemployment which could fuel other negative developments.

Africa: Star Times expands into Africa after completion of headquarters in Kenya

Star Times in Kenya a job creation to native Africans (photo courtesy)

Star Times one of the biggest suppliers of digital modems plans to venture into a major expansion of its services in Africa after completion of its headquarters in Nairobi Kenya. Speaking to this reporter in her office in Beijing the company’s Vice President Ms. Quo Ziqi boasted that her company has registered major success in China and now it is the time for other consumers in partner states of Africa to enjoy the same services.