A short brief who we are;

Welcome everyone to Shout-Africa this is a community website built with intentions of providing a rich entertainment and educational platform to anyone with interest in Africa and African related issues. We are going to feature on our website artist, musicians, politicians, healthcare workers, doctors, business and a variety of individuals and anything of African interest.

We will strive to provide you quality news and information with no bias. Hopefully in the next few weeks we shall be aligning all the information and making some adjustments to both the website and the administration side of things.

What we are looking for;

We currently require bloggers, writers, journalist, musicians, media specialist, doctors, lawyers, sports people and anyone who feels to share anything interesting. Any news is news to us so feel free to provide us any information you would like to share with the rest of the world.

Examples of stories;

  • The achievements of South Africa in the running to the world cup
  • Issues of people passing away in South Africa and how the mass exodus of people from Africa have settled here but most have no intentions of leaving the country yet only a few have ever wondered the hustle their relations would have if they were to die in this country.
  • Also many people are migrating to this country at an age where they are closer to retirement and with the hard conditions to live here how well prepare are they for retirement?
  • We have a lovely lady from Kenya who will be speaking to us Female Genital Mutilation (FGM)
  • The World Cup is around the corner and we looking forward to getting images and stories of you and the celebrities that will be around your area.

There are so many things to discuss about and only you can tell us your burning issue.

What’s in it for you?

We offering you the opportunity/platform to advertise your talent or any information you would like to reach a wider market. Although we are pretty new to the online business I do believe we have strong team of people who are willing to provide assistance and that soon it become an employment and career to the right individuals. We do understand that your time is money and we soon we will be in a position to compensate people for their efforts.

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