ZAMTEL launches mobile tv TV to enable its customers view live streaming television content

By Nawa Mutumweno – Zambia’s telecom parastatal, ZAMTEL, has partnered with the Zambia National Broadcasting Corporation (ZNBC) and Muvi TV to enable its customers view live streaming television content on their Android-powered 3G capable mobile handsets.

Launching the innovative product recently, ZAMTEL chief marketing officer Envans Muhanga disclosed that subscribers wishing to access ZAMTEL mobile TV will require an Android mobile handset that supports 3G and an internet browser or a video player that supports Real Time Streaming Protocol (RSTP)).

The facility allows ZAMTEL subscribers to watch their favourite ZNBC and Muvi TV programmes such as news, sports, documentaries and movies, live in real time, using the convenience of their mobile handsets without having to go to the nearest television set.

‘’The subscribers’ mobile number needs to be activated for 3G and mobile TV streaming by simply sending an SMS with the keyword ‘ZT’ to the short code 1213. The customer will receive an SMS response confirming that their number has been activated for the mobile TV service and will also receive an SMS with a link to the Google Android Market  from which they will need to download the Zamtel Mobile TV application to their mobile phone,’’ he elaborated.

The product was a 3G supported value added service which requires a customer to be within the coverage area of ZAMTEL’s 3G network to be  able to enjoy the service.

ZAMTEL mobile TV was available to prepaid subscribers and would soon be available to post-paid customers at a rate of K300 per minute.

‘’The charge for mobile TV will be deducted from the subscribers’ main talk time account each time they access the service,’’