Zambia: BazTech maintains top position 

By Alfred Tembo – Multi-award winning Zimbabwean headquartered tech company, BazTech says a positive reaction by Zambia’s growing market for technological equipment and software has influence the company to confirm its need to weld a mainstay in the country by recapitalized to enhance its operation.

The tech company has footprint in across the southern African bloc.

Speaking, in an interview the company chief executive office, Dr Caroline Chirima says in line with the global call to use smart and economical, water tight security system that are manageable, here company has acquired top of the range biometric equipment that fit will well with demands of small, medium to large corporates.

Making, her debut appearance at this year Agricultural and Commercial Show in Lusaka, which was running under the them, promoting a green economy, she said the development has allowed her company to maintain the top shelve in the country’s tech industry.

“We have a wide range of tech services we are offering.

“We are offering services without limitations; we operate across the Southern Africa, and am glad to say we are capable to handle any job without restriction for along as it is in line with our business philosophy.

“We have several high-tech operations and some of the country largest business house and for that reason we have earned a reputation as a smart corporate on a mission to improve Zambia, and prove that Zambia is a hallmark of tech zone,” said Dr. Chirima.

BaztTech, offers innovative biometric time and access solutions, CCTV, fingerprint verification solution, contact, contactless reader/ writer, library detector systems and fingerprint capturing templates devices

She said, “Over the past 20 years we have been in business we acquired extensive knowledge in implementation of biometric time and attendance and biometric access control systems”

In this data era BazTech, is also keen service and tech expertise provider, of a time and attendance solution equipment that reduce operating costs, manage over time, ensure payroll accuracy, improve bottom line performance enhance company security, easy management of employee attendance records and elimination of buddy clocking.

The company which is operating is cohorts with TourchStone, a payroll company which has been operating in Zimbabwe for more than two decades and has a expertise in human resource and company management.

The company’s managing director, Simon Pitt, said he is confident in Zambia and growing economy as confirmed by the fast improving economy which has seen more investor jetting into the country in the recent past.