South Africa: Dow’s Sustainable Solutions for Mining Communities

South Africa, January 2015The Dow Chemical Company will be among influential industry stakeholders present at the 2015 Africa Mining Indaba to showcase its integrated mining solution portfolio and be part of key discussions to find solutions for industry challenges.  

Dow Chemical Company

Dow Chemical Company

There’s growing awareness that innovation is needed to help both new and existing mines remain sustainable. Karen Dobson, the the Global Director for Mining, Dow Oil, Gas & Mining says, “Dow supports the mining industry in three key areas: Mining, Mineral Processing and Remediations. We have solutions that enable mining companies to improve operational efficiency, enhance recovery and reduce their environmental impact. We are the global leader in reverse osmosis (RO), Nano-filtration membranes and ion exchange resins – our technologies enable mine operators to optimise their water management, extract, separate and purify metals, while also assisting them to reduce waste and recycle reagents. Our UF and RO membranes are being used to treat mining wastewater and reuse it for irrigation.”

In recent months, the water crisis has become increasingly topical. It’s a crisis that affects all South Africans including businesses. Sustaining water is everyone’s responsibility, especially an industry such as mining where millions of litres of water are used daily which in turn has a significant impact on the surrounding communities.

Dobson and Ross McLean, the president of Dow Sub-Saharan Africa will be leading the company’s delegation at the Mining Indaba. They will partake in debates and efforts that ensure mining continues to generate value, not only for shareholders, but also for communities that are affected by mining operations. “We believe that the Africa Mining Indaba should be addressing issues that promote the long-term sustainability of mining and water is one of the critical issues that must be discussed,” says McLean.

Dobson continues, “The African Mining Indaba is a natural destination for us as it is a platform where we can demonstrate our expertise, strengths and capabilities. “Our solutions come with a strong global reputation built on 117 years of chemistry and innovation. Dow wants to be known as the preferred supplier to mine operators as we offer a full portfolio of water treatment technologies such as Reverse Osmosis, Nano-filtration (NF), and Ion exchange resin technology,” she says.