Setting the pace in Liberia’s advertising sector – champion designs

Liberia’s advertising industry has been questioned to its existence or level impact on the economy as well as how much technology has been deplored over the years. Advertising and marketing services are enlisted to build client relationships, boost brand awareness and encourage brand loyalty.

Currently the list is under 10 major of leading ones doing primitive or low level advertising in the areas of flexy and SAV, leaving no revolution or competitiveness in the industry. With trends changing at fast pace around Africa and across the world ,Liberia will be no exception to start to use similar technology in meeting the need of multinational companies in Liberia as well as possibly get contract from allied advertising company in other countries- Nigeria, Ghana, India ,South Africa ,UK among other .

Liberia’s advertising industry has come of age but what can be used to set the benchmark is an emerging advertising power house called, Champion Designs. Champion Designs established in 2010, in Monrovia, with few employee producing flexy banners and SAV for numerous clients in Liberia is a local advertising agency establish by a young Liberian, P. Edwin Tisdell. Young and energetic Tisdell establish the company, as a small business creating employment for fellow Liberia, but now have a very sizable young professional Liberian staff long experience in Graphic Designing, Creative Arts, Integrated Marketing Communication, Public Relations, Advertising as well as Digital Marketing.

World advertising industry is forecast to reach US$691.6 billion by 2015, driven by advancements in enabling technologies, increased penetration of Internet, and increasing corporate emphasis on marketing and brand promotion against a backdrop of an increasingly competitive market environment.

Champion Designs at the moment stands  tall in the industry with several contract from both public and private sectors companies .The Company has just been relocated to fit its new vision and quest to meet demands from international and local companies .With an array of top advertising material production machines ,Champions to meet prompt delivery of client request as well meeting the expectation of their existing customers .Champion Designs now focus on leading indoor and outdoor advertising , with emphasis on – Flexy Banner,Billboards,SAV –Stickers, Branding of Company Assets ,Printing on Merchandise(T-shirts,Keyholders,Cap,Mugs) ,,Annual Reports, Corperate Brochure Booklets, Receipt Slips , Signage, Business cards ,Catalogues, Ads for editorials ,PVC –I D Cards production ,Fliers, Logos and Events Branding and Event Advertising specialist .

The Advertising industry is a rapidly growing industry and determines to a considerable extent the GDP or the gross domestic product of any country. The advertising industry besides functioning as an intermediate between the manufacturers and the customers plays an important role in the economy of the country.

Reports also suggest that the trend of growth in the advertising industry may become sluggish in 2007, the ratio being 5.6%. This ratio may drop to 5.3% in the year 2008.

Companies selling consumer products are the biggest consumers of advertising and market services. Other sectors that use advertising and marketing include companies involved in technology, telecommunications, financial services and entertainment.

This industry necessitates investment for funding different resources. One cannot measure the degree of development by interpretation of inputs in the economy which yields some production. In the event when consumption levels far exceed than what is reckoned, this is not a means of triggering or bringing about transformation in the culture, society or development in human resources or economy. What the time demands is optimum and efficient execution of advertising projects by involving appropriate technology along scientific lines.