Senegal airlines hit Gambian markets with lowest Air fares

Senegal AirlinesBy Femi Peters“We would always try to keep our  prices as low and affordable as possible, keeping in mind the African elegance as we propose exceptional services which answers to the highest requirement of our customers as Quality, Comfort and Security” said Mr. Christopher Leloups ,the Chief Commercial Officer of Senegal Airlines at the launching ceremony of its operations from the Gambia.

Senegal AirlinesSenegal Airlines is part of the “Group Air Senegal” which is operational as a result of a partnership between the Senegalese state and the national private sector who own 64% and 36% shares of the company respectively. This initiative was implemented by Mr. Karim Wade, the Minister of Air Transport who launched the concept in May 2009 after the Collapse of Air Senegal International.

With the first flights out of Dakar to Conakry on the 25th January, 2011 Senegal Airlines is not only a national Carrier but is positioned to gradually an optimized network which will position the company as a leader in the West African sky and all over the world. Acquiring Two Airbus A320 aircrafts for its operations and partnering with Emirates for its operational implementation.

Having both Business and Economy classes on the Aircrafts and also reducing the usual seating configuration from 160 seats to 136 seats to increase the spacing between seats and insure a matchless comfort to all passengers. Senegal airlines are serving at first all West African routes particularly Bamako, Banjul, Bissau, Conakry, Niamey, Nouakchott and Ouagadougou. Projecting to spread their wings into Central African and later deploy to Europe, North and South America, leaning on her strategic partner Emirates for the correspondences towards the Middle East and Asia.

During flights, the best possible meals would be served even on short flight times like in the Banjul- Dakar flights to all passengers while Business class passengers would have a wide choice of menus, a 54 inch pitch (space between seats), access to VIP lounges of served airports and a real coffee Nespresso as opposed to a 32 inches pitch and delicious varied meals in economy. Luggage allowances for economy class are 35kg maximum while Business class gets 46kg maximum in addition to the 12kg carryon luggage allowed on board.

“We are working with very convenient schedules as we avoid night travels like is evident amongst some of our competitors” said Mr. Leloups. “Since the beginning of our operations we have registered a record operational performance of close to 99% and a punctuality rate up to 88%, which we intend to maintain in order to satisfy our customers” he added.

“Finally to lure and compete with our major rival to passengers en-route to Dakar which is transportation by road, Senegal airlines is introducing its flights from Banjul to Dakar at the lowest prices ever of $60 excluding Taxes” he concluded.