Old Mutual Zimbabwe partners with Afro-Global Marketing UK

A new service targeting Zimbabweans in the UK has been launched to help Zimbabweans in the UK and abroad to re-invest in Zimbabwe. Over the years many Zimbabweans in the UK have found it increasingly difficult to invest back in Zimbabwe mainly because of a lack of access to basic financial instruments in Zimbabwe. Afro-Global Marketing LTD has been licensed to represent Old Mutual Group Zimbabwe, CABS and Stanbic exclusively as an agent in the UK.

Old Mutual Group Zimbabwe, one of Zimbabwe’s largest financial institutes has partnered with Afro-Global Marketing to create Afro-Global Finance. Afro-Global Finance was formed with the objective of providing Zimbabweans in the UK with a platform to access investment opportunities in Zimbabwe. This partnership will also enable Zimbabweans in the UK to easily access basic financial instruments in Zimbabwe such as Bank Accounts, Unit Trust Funds and Mortgages. All applications and enquiries will be received and processed right here in the UK, removing the need to travel back to Zimbabwe to access these services. Managing Director of Afro-Global Marketing Shane Manjelo said “Zimbabweans in the UK will play a key role in rebuilding Zimbabwe and investing back in Zimbabwe is only the first step.  Zimbabweans in the UK for years have played a major role in Zimbabwe’s financial revival and for Old Mutual Group Zimbabwe to partner with Afro-Global Marketing UK, it serves to recognise the importance of capital investment from Zimbabweans in the UK“.

Old Mutual is one of the most recognizable financial institute in Zimbabwe and its renown for its corporate and social responsibility. Gilbert Gumpo, Head of Unit Trusts at Old Mutual Group Zimbabwe said “We are looking forward to a long and fruitful relationship with Zimbabweans in the UK and we are absolutely delighted to partner with Afro-Global Marketing LTD to enable Zimbabweans in the UK to invest back in Zimbabwe“.

Afro-Global Finance is part of Afro-Global Marketing LTD who are based in the UK. They have offices in London, Maidenhead and Northampton. Investment opportunities, Bank Accounts, Unit Trusts and Mortgages are available to Zimbabwean nationals, above the age of 18 and living in the UK.

For more information or applications call Afro-Global Finance on 01628 311367 or visit: www.afroglobalmarketing.com