Ghana: SenaCare at Offshore 2011 in Ghana

By Ruth Flomo, for Accra,Ghana – Among the over 52 listed companies that participated  in Offshore West Africa, SenaCare, a modern integrated healthcare organization found by Dr. Anthony Wehbe, is exhibited  with aim to meet companies interested in adding the value of SenaCare’s American Board Certified Remote/Offshore Medical Services to their organization.

SenaCare stands at the helm of offshore and remote medical care in West Africa, as one of the first healthcare providers to market high quality healthcare services to this region.   Already established as a telemedical provider in West Africa, SenaCare possesses a history of telemedical success with patients in West Africa and the Middle East and has long standing partnerships with tenured HSE (Health Safety Environment) companies in the West African region.

At this time, SenaCare has a modern clinic in Nigeria with medical equipment for managing emergencies as well as providing primary care. In 2011, SenaCare will expand its operations into Ghana and Angola.  SenaCare’s American Board Certified specialists and highly trained Nigerian physicians possess international medical experience and have a history of success in providing patients in West Africa and the Middle East with high quality onsite and remote care.

Ringing in 2011 with the first lift of crude from Ghana’s Jubilee field, the largest oil discovery in the Offshore West Africa, Ghana has increasingly garnered international attention. Further supporting West Africa’s value in the offshore market, forecasters expect that Nigeria’s oil production to increase to 12.08mn b/d by 2015.

Additionally, roundtable participants outlined initiatives to improve Africa’s global competitiveness and thereto the compliance of Africa’s energy and transport supply conduct with international standards. In extending this discussion to the tables of exhibitors at the Offshore West Africa Conference and Exhibition, companies will have the opportunity to meet with others in the industry and collaborate on business network strategies that support Africa’s economic development goals.

Offshore West Africa as one of the  premier and best technical conference and exhibition for the offshore industry within the West African region, and this year both the Ghana National Petroleum Corporation and the Ministers of Ghana and Nigeria will be attending.

In effort to leverage West Africa’s natural resource power against global maritime competition, lead industry officials and authoritative bodies in West Africa have steered their focus toward the development of infrastructure and human capital as a means to support a more internationally competitive system for energy and transport trade. The modernization of healthcare management on offshore platforms is an integral part of sustainable development.

Currently, SenaCare is assisting offshore platforms employ greater use of telemedicine and advanced medical solutions in order to create a healthier and safer environment for their workforce and therefore, protect human capital. SenaCare has over 5 years of experience in remote healthcare and telemedicine solutions.  The company’s US specialists and highly trained Nigerian doctors offer a world of advanced medical solutions, enabling the offshore workforce to receive high quality medical care without the need to leave their current location.

Using state of the art technology, links remote locations with highly trained physicians domestically and in the United States. In the past, oil rigs and vessels were not equipped with the tools to effectively respond to neither routine nor emergent medical cases, which contributed to a high number of employee evacuations from oil rigs.  The company is assisting offshore companies to reduce medical evacuation numbers via implementation of telemedical solutions, resulting in the overall improvement of the medical care for employees in addition to a decrease in company healthcare costs. SenaCare’s functionality as a telemedical designer, vendor, and service provider truly demonstrates the company’s acute understanding of the global telemedical landscape and its ability to translate the utility of telemedicine into the employment of SenaCare’s proprietary telemedical equipment line and healthcare services.

Furthermore, the company has an  in-house operations result in very affordable healthcare, a dynamic which certainly differentiates SenaCare from the competition.

In the event of a medical emergency, SenaCare offers assistance with the procurement of emergency evacuation transport and then directs offshore workers to the appropriate care facility. Embarking upon an era where West Africa & the Gulf of Guinea has emerged as a major player in global energy, SenaCare’s telemedicine solutions and high quality healthcare will assist offshore companies in their efforts to advance toward greater economic development.  The medical needs on offshore platforms present unique challenges which are unanswered by conventional care. SenaCare provides comprehensive healthcare solutions for the offshore workforce via innovative telemedical care.

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