DRC: Over taxation disability reviving the economy

By John Zyombo – At the time of decentralization in the Democratic Republic of Congo higher taxation in the province of Southern Kivu has become a spirited major handicap to economic recovery after a period of recession caused by repeated wars and the economy in response to difficult economic planning that meets not the country’s economic problems.

Businessmen in the country continue to disapprove the fees structure of the province that is the advantage of the authorities Provincial and to the detriment of those who are totally asphyxiated and prefer to clear their goods in the province neighbouring North Kivu has enough tax concessions.

Local operators in the sector of mineral water (Mugot, MINERAL HONGO, Rafik, …) have threatened to shut down production industries too because of the excessive taxation that does not allow these industries to face foreign competition. Economic policy Southern Kivu province is far from encouraging private initiatives Local.

In the transport sector, all activities are suspended Lake Kivu, which links the province of Kivu and the northern Kivu since December 1, 2010. Ship owners protest against the decision of the provincial department of transport and routes communication is to review the tax increase. The authority has just dropped seven canoes fast to try to level at crisis, however, passengers may only without cargo sailing on Lake Kivu.

To reach the city of Goma, traders condemn through Kigali in neighboring Rwanda, Gisenyi to arrive in Goma, which supplies the city in Southern Kivu staples. The Southern Kivu population will not only be a victim of the suspension exploitation of minerals that has sent hundreds of people unemployment, higher taxation today will do the same. Consequently insecurity will face again. A good policy is a springboard for all economic booms, the  provincial authorities and provincial members should absolutely think twice about the future of this province was delayed compared to other provinces of the DRC with already 3 governors to the legislature.