China and Africa pull another surprise

By Mark Oloo – Kenya will host a forum on China-Africa co-operation on legal affairs next year.

The conference is expected to brainstorm on how China and African countries can work together on mutual legal assistance, arbitration and mediation.

The meeting will be a follow-up on resolutions reached at another forum in China last week attended by 250 delegates from 37 African countries, including Attorneys General, Chief Justices and lawyers.

Many African countries are increasing looking to China for trade and aid, as their ties with Europe and the United States wane.

Kenya’s Attorney General Amos Wako says China hold the potential to unlock Africa’s potential in trade, manpower and industrial development.

Despite jitters in the West, China appears determined to preserve its mutual and economic dominance in Africa.

With vast resources and skilled manpower, China is believed to be the push behind industrial revolution in the third world, thanks to the newly found collaboration.

And now, China’s co-operation with Africa has traversed all sectors and now extends to other mutual areas.

So far, more than 1,600 Chinese companies have invested in 49 African countries in various sectors of the economy albeit with jitters in Europe and the US.