Cameroon: Managers Sensitized on Computer Software Protection

By Shout-Africa Cameroon correspondent – The purpose was to help organizations better manage their information and contribute to the development of their competitiveness.

Experts and participants chart fight against software piracy

Experts and participants chart fight against software piracy

With the rapid modernization taking place, the need for efficiency in enterprise management is necessary. Information covering auditing and finance, pay and human resource management, commercial management and electronic trade, production management, customer relation management, among others, in enterprises need specialized software. The French-based software producer, Sage, sensitized some managers of enterprises in Douala on Friday.

Held under the theme: “Judicial protection of computer software in OAPI zone”, René-Philippe Nsoa of the Ministry of Justice, one of the problems faced today is how to protect the software from piracy. “One of our challenges is the fight against software piracy. In 2010, there was 42 per cent pirated software products in the world; Africa zone/Middle East 58 per cent, Algeria 83 percent, Cameroon 82 per cent, Cote d’Ivoire 79 per cent, Senegal 78 per cent.” He used the opportunity to remind participants of the legal framework to counter defaulters.

The French enterprise, whose objectives are to help enterprises to have a well-adapted solution that suits their needs, conceives, edits and sells management and associated services for enterprises, artisans, traders, free professions and auditors in France and Francophone Africa.  These software helps in the digitalization of enterprise information and data, hence helping the enterprises to function according to regulation and norms, master their data and information circulation improve productivity and master the exchange of digitalized data. Sage being the world third editor of enterprise management solutions chosen by 6.3 million enterprises is represented in Africa where it has 8,500 users of its products. It also provides a well-established pedagogic programme for higher education.