Rural Liberia: Baby Born With Four Feet….14 Year-Old mother goes into hiding

By: Augistine N. Liberia –Within barely twenty four hours, after reporting a story on the birth of a strange creature from a Community located in central Monrovia, Liberia’s Capital City, I was informed of similar incidence in rural Liberia. But this time around, it is a 14-year old teen-age girl involved, who was expecting her first child.

Upon receiving the information, I left Monrovia early Friday morning about five o’clock and arrived in rural Northern Liberia by 1:02pm. The news was just all over the Power Station Community in Tappita, Nimba County where the girl gave birth to the baby.

The baby was delivered by a midwife identified as Mary Langar, who said the baby was born with four legs, two stomachs, organs of both male and female as well as already developed teeth like a full-grown child.

The mother of the baby had earlier decided to stay out of public limelight by staying indoors, but a huge crowd forced its way into the house to catch a glimpse of her. Not being able to withstand the growing disgrace, she fainted and was later taken to a Health Facilitate nearby for attention.

The baby that was already dead, was born on Thursday, October 21, 2010 at about 11:12pm. People decided to take advantage of the daylight to have a full view of the strange creature, since it was born in the night when some of them were already sleeping.

Relatives of the girl have declined to reveal the name of the dead baby’s mother for fear of stigmatization, which is a common thing.

Up to press time, the father of the strange baby was yet to be identified.

However, the Zone Chief of the Area, Cooper Yeah, suggested that the baby be embalmed to give journalists the opportunity to take pictures, for the benefit of the public.