Origins of AIDS: A new view on the world wide AIDS-problem, as suggested by the Dutch animal micro-surgeon Professor Johan van Dongen Part 3 – Suppressed medicines and a cure for AIDS.

By Frides Lameris, Netherlands – In the third and fourth publication about the view on AIDS of Dutch professor Johan van Dongen, we’ll focus on one of the most important chapters of his second book, which not by chance, he has entitled: “AIDS, the greatest crime in medical history”. In the previous articles we have just given some glimpses of Van Dongen‘s view on the origin of AIDS in Africa which according to him is mainly due to the undesired and unforeseen adverse side effects of different massive vaccination campaigns. As a side remark I would like to alert readers to the theories and observations of Dr. Andrew Moulden. This eminent Canadian scientist, who is a. o. specializing in the physiology of brain damage,  has recently demonstrated that by using highly sophisticated digital imaging techniques, it can be proved that all vaccinations cause some damage in the brains small blood vessels. This then creates a basis for a multitude of diseases. Although two of his main websites have recently been censored and removed from the internet ( and , his profound insights can still be benefitted from by reading interviews with him, which are still present on the net, e.g.:

Today’s article will highlight the first from the AIDS-medicines Van Dongen is describing in his book as part of a cure for AIDS. We may remind our readers that Prof. Van Dongen is not a medical practitioner or health care worker, but this does of course not mean a very intelligent man cannot gather a lot of truthful medical knowledge about a subject from various sources. Van Dongen treats the medicine subject in the eight chapter of his book, under the heading: Cure for (or treatment of) AIDS. He starts this chapter with a quote from a famous (‘dissident’) AIDS researcher American Peter H. Duesburg, who is a professor of Molecular and Cell Biology at the University of California, Berkeley. ( :

Infectious AIDS. Have we been misled? HIV does not reproduce AIDS when inoculated into animals or humans. HIV depends on perinatal transmission for survival and is thus not likely to be fatally pathogenic. Retroviruses are not sufficient for transformation because less than 0.1% of infected animals or humans develop tumors.”

Van Dongen then states he has taken his knowledge about a cure for AIDS from many different sources from which some are public and some are not. He will describe a treatment against a HIV-infection and the accompanying opportunistic infections. A treatment which, he says, may neutralize the disease and in some cases even may heal a person from the sickness. He likes to emphasize  (compare Duesberg‘s quote above) that AIDS – in contrast to what many medical people allege – does NOT have to be fatal, because by now we know HIV is NOT by definition causing AIDS. Van Dongen confesses that he has been shocked by his bewildering discovery that there do exist a number of  successful remedies against AIDS, but that these have been removed categorically from the market. He noticed e.g. that several well working medicines against AIDS were in the recent past suddenly seen and treated as ‘laboratory errors’. But now the time has come, van Dongen says, that innocent citizens should realize that those responsible in medical, political and military circles can be addressed at this point.

Before giving details of some helpful medicines which have been suppressed, Van Dongen lists the names of 15 diseases which normally could have been treated reasonably well, but that all have derailed. These treatable opportunistic infections are: 1) Influenza 2) Candidasis 3) Cytomegalovirus infection (CMV) 4) Epstein Barr-virus infection 5) Pneumocystis carinii pneumonia (PCP) 6) Kaposi-sarcoma 7) Cerebral Toxoplasmosis 8) Toxoplasmosis 9) Cryptococcosis  10) Isoporosis 11) Herpes Simplex 12) Mycobacterium avium complex 13) Progressive multiphocal  leuco-encephalopathy 14) Tuberculosis 15) Aspergillosis

Next,  as an introduction to describing some succeful remedies to AIDS, Van Dongen makes some fundamental remarks relating to the treating and curing principles of AIDS:

“Starting from all evidence now available, I can say that AIDS is mainly being induced or activated  by an increase of the cortisol or stress hormone in the blood mirror.  Thereby, a direct influence is exercised on the sink and cadmium levels in the body, something which is indispensable for the buildup of an immunological resistance against foreign micro-organisms. From that viewpoint morphines work directly against a heightened cortisol level, and therefore indirectly against AIDS causing micro-organisms. Fear stimulates in a serious manner the coming about of the situation that is called AIDS. Exactly the antagonizing effect of rest has a healing effect because it stimulates the natural processes in the body”.

Mirko Beljanski
Mirko Beljanski

The first medicine which has been effective against AIDS causing micro-organisms (and cancer) and which has been taken forcefully from the market is the so called BP100 remedy. This BP100 was created by professor Mirko Beljanski, a Yugoslavian molecular biologist and experienced collaborator at the Pasteur Institute in Paris. With this BP100 medicine the deceased French president Francois Mitterrand was successfully (and secretly!) treated while he was suffering from cancer, prolonging his life by 14 years. Beljanski himself has stated that his medicine was an effective and natural antiviral against cancer and AIDS. Hugh controversies however soon arose around Beljanski when political and pharmaceutical opponents started a joint effort  to destroy the man and his good work. In 1994 all the products and medicines fabricated by Beljanski were blacklisted in France and he himself was stripped of his rights to be a doctor. Beljanski continued spreading his products however underground. It did not take long before the authorities ordered the French gendarmerie to enter his laboratories, taking away all materials.  Legal authorities came out again, declaring Beljanski’s actions to be illegal. The authorities then started an investigation into the efficacy of BP 100 themselves. Through the official French medical organization for AIDS research BP 100 was declared to have absolutely no antiviral working. When researchers tried to obtain knowledge about the ingredients, the authorities declared the ingredients to be secret (!).Van Dongen then states that BP100 is still known as a substance that can have an extraordinary big effect on HIV. Beljanski however, was excommunicated  by his colleagues and the pharmaceutical companies  with a lot of commotion.  Van Dongen:  “BP100 turned out to have such a great effect against viruses that the threat for the pharmaceutical industrial market and science to lose research and billions of dollars induced them to successfully conspire against Beljanski.” Next, giving some comments on AIDS medicines in relation to money and the fact that most of these medicines are being patented, het observes that this generally causes them to be only available to the rich. “The more we fail to administer and take care for the poor sick person, the more AIDS causing viruses will build up resistance against our (natural) medicaments and also by this the disease will spread itself ever faster in an incurable form”. In our next contribution a medicinal substance which has been helpful against AIDS – Kemron – will be discussed.

To be continued