Opinion: Origins of AIDS – A new view on the origin of the world wide AIDS-problem Part 2 of 10

Our previous entry (Part 1 of 10) has shown that  Prof. Van Dongen has suggested in his book  “Pleading for the ape”, the truth behind AIDS and other infectious diseases” that a dangerously contaminated polio vaccine, administered in the late years fifty  may have been the cause of the AIDS epidemics in Belgian Congo. In part two of this series on the origin of AIDS we will strengthen the connection with AIDS and vaccines that also have been made by several other scientists, like e.g. the American medical doctor Alan Cantwell, one of the exponents who thinks HIV has been man-made in a lab. He bases himself mainly on the hepatitis B-vaccine in USA, and does not consider the African situation. His famous book is entitled AIDS and the Doctors of Death (see his other writings: http://www.whale.to/c/cantwell_alan.html

Doctors of Death AIDSIn the third chapter of his first book, under the heading The AIDS pandemic Van Dongen writes: “That the massive vaccination programmes in Africa would contribute to the world wide spreading of a new deadly disease, nobody, of course, has dared to suspect. Till the beginning of the years ninety, the average citizen in the western countries did not have any awareness of the medical disaster which had been unfolding itself since many years on the African continent. And those who could or should have known remained silent. “(Pleading, p. 48).

Van Dongen reports that till far in the years seventy large scale vaccination campaigns have been conducted in large areas of Asia and Africa, where sometimes hundreds and hundreds of millions of children have been vaccinated in a few weeks time.  And when the WHO – says van Dongen – keeps stressing up till today the need of such programmes, because there is a worldwide increase of many kinds of old and new infectious diseases, WHO leaders generally keep on denying that the plague of infectious disease may have been (co) caused by diverse vaccination methods.

But, says Van Dongen,  literature shows us descriptions that the people in Africa, before the official and recognized  outburst of AIDS,  had already been victimized by a great number of diseases, amongst which also had appeared the new disease which was called by the missionaries  the ‘slim disease’, also called by the local people ‘foreign disease’, a highly justified term according to Van Dongen. At that time the pharmaceutical concern Upjohn termed it: ‘Severe Combined  Immuno Deficiency (SCID). The firm noticed that vaccinated people not only became emaciated very quickly, but also finally died due to all kind of opportunistic infections. (Fr: Opportunistic infections (e.g. tuberculosis) become life threatening when the strength and the power of resistance of the body have been strongly weakened.)

Coming back to the subject of vaccination(s) as a possible or likely cause of AIDS, Van Dongen has more to refer to than only a polio originated AIDS story or hypothesis. Van Dongen cites an article in The Times from 1987, where science editor Pierce Wright, makes a statement in his article ‘Small pox vaccine triggered AIDS virus that the AIDS epidemic most probably is a (tragic) aftermath of the massive vaccination campaign that is said to have finished the existence of small pox.  Wright suggests in his article that some scientific studies had shown that immunization by the smallpox vaccines, on the basis of the cowpox vaccine’ has activated the sleeping Human Immunodeficiency Virus (HIV). Please also consult the statements on Wrights research by a leading American investigative journalist Mr. John Rappoport. http://www.declarepeace.org.uk/captain/murder_inc/site/texts/AIDS-hoax.htm

It  was only a year later that Robert Strecker published in The Los Angeles Aries rising Press an article, entitled: ‘AIDS and the doctors of death’, an inquiry into the origin of the AIDS epidemic’. Based on various publications, among which the Army Research Development & Acquisition Magazine, Strecker breaks the story that over a hundred million African people and a number of 15.000 Haitians residing in Africa have been infected by AIDS by polio and smallpox vaccinations. The bigger part of AIDS infections would have arisen during a huge vaccination campaign against smallpox, which had been conducted over a 13 year period, under auspices  of the World health Organization, between 1967 and 1980, people involved belonging to the countries of Burundi, Malawi, Ruanda, Tanzania, Uganda, Zaire and Zambia.

Van Dongen states: The WHO gave to the Times by a spokesman the following commentary: “Previously we thought there was an accidental coincidence of circumstances, but now we believe that the hypothesis concerning the smallpox vaccine accounts for the AIDS explosion”. It was further stated by the spokesman: “experts now believe that with the elimination of small pox a different form of an insignificant indigenous disease of the Third World has been transformed to an all encompassing epidemic’.  The awareness of the public tends however to forget such shocking revelations by insiders, and vaccination campaigns unfortunately are still being conducted on the basis of the principle ‘business as usual’ with more disastrous consequences to follow on the long (or shorter) term.

And then, for those readers who might think the vaccination-AIDS link has now been fully covered, van Dongen starts to relate something about measles vaccination and AIDS. When researching into the possible presence of dangerous viruses in vaccines, it was brought to light by Epstein and his collaborators that in Africa there was also exists a connection between measles vaccinations and the origin of AIDS. At the international conference “Antimicrobial  Agents and Chemotherapy”, held in 1992 in the American City of Minneapolis, it was revealed that retrospective research into the serum of children from countries in West-Africa, who had been vaccinated with the measles vaccine between 1967 and 1970, had found antibodies against the AIDS virus. This had also been discovered earlier by Williams, who had published about in the Lancet in 1986. He mentioned as a probable cause the vaccinations  that had been administered under auspices of  the CDC in countries like Nigeria and Burkina Faso. All this as reported by Van Dongen in his book ‘Pleading for the ape, 1997).

To be continued