LIBERIA: WASH Media report makes impact

World Bank ends Feasibility Study, Searches for Funding to rehabilitate and expand Monrovia Sewage System – By: WASH R&E “Media” Network – Constructed in the 50s and 60s, an off-site piped sewerage system covering an area of approximately 27 square kilometers in central Monrovia, Sinkor, Old Road and Bushrod Island (New Kru Town, Logan Town, Clara Town) was constructed to meet the sewage need of Monrovia.Less than 20% of the Greater Monrovia urban area for a protracted period has been used as the only medium to transport feces and waste water to its final destination to the Fiamah Sewage Treatment Plant in Sinkor.

Managing Director of the Liberia Water and Sewer Corporation, Hun-Bu Tulay

Managing Director of the Liberia Water and Sewer Corporation, Hun-Bu Tulay

In the original design, sewage from these areas was transmitted through a total of 64 kilometers of pipes to the Fiamah Sewage Treatment plant, which had a capacity of 6 million gallons per day.

Due to the increased in population, pressure has been exerted on the sewage system, thus making it unable or too small to meet up to present day reality of the capital.

As a result, on many occasions, the system either burst with waste water and feces spilling on some streets in Monrovia.

Over the years, WASH R&E “Media” Network has reported vigorously on the appalling condition of the sewage system in the nation capital Monrovia and the aftermath of such condition.

The reports highlighted conditions created by the drainage bursting on streets in Monrovia and the impact on daily and economic activities.

WASH Media reported the health implications related to waste water and feces rolling in the streets and the need to remedy the situation.

Some WASH specialists have attributed the awful condition of the sewage system to the civil crisis.

During the crisis, a huge portion of the sewage system was destroyed, thus resulting to the problems been experienced.

The media also engaged relevant stakeholders on the matter to find a way out in solving the sewage challenge facing the people of and environs as well.

In these publications, WASH media interacted with residents of Monrovia and non-residents concerning the status of the sewage system.

These residents and non-residents told WASH R&E that leakages on system created serious health problems for them.

With the robust reportage on the condition of the sewage system by the WASH Media, there is now great hope that the sewage system will be rehabilitated and expanded.

The disclosure of the expansion and rehabilitation was made by the Managing Director of the Liberia Water and Sewer Corporation, Hun-Bu Tulay.

In an exclusive interview with WASH Reporters, Mr. Tulay said the World Bank has just ended a feasibility study on the sewage system and that the Liberian government is working with the World Bank to restore all of the facilities and expand the sewage system.

Mr. Tulay said the World Bank has already got commitment from the IDA which is between fifteen to twenty million United States Dollars to get the process started.

The LWSC Managing Director said the commitment of the IDA is just fifty percent of what is required carrying on the rehabilitation and expansion of the Monrovia Sewage System.

He expressed hope that remaining funding will come following the commencement of the project early next year.

Mr. Tulay commanded Liberian WASH Journalists for prioritizing sanitation, mainly waste in their day-to-day reporting.

He described sanitation as very important and hoped journalists are well supported to continue to inform, educate and provide more awareness on sanitation issues in the interest of the people and society.