Liberia: 25-yr Old Woman Gives Birth To Dwarf With Dual Sex Organs

By: Augustine N. Myers – It was unbelievable upon hearing of a very strange situation on Thursday, October 21, 2010 at about 6:03pm when nurses confirmed the birth of a creature believed to be a dwarf. The unusual and interesting thing is that the dwarf has dual sex organs of a male and female.

The incident which occurred in the densely populated Township of West Point located in the heart of Monrovia, the Capital City of Liberia, brought together thousands of onlookers trying to get a glance of the creature, in order to quench their curiosity.

I however managed to break through the multitude of people and identified myself to the local security as a Journalist, and was allowed entry thereby giving me the opportunity as the first media practitioner to cover the story.

The 25-year old woman was still helplessly on the bed of the local Health Center with her baby beside her (though in a very poor health condition), and a group of nurses all standing with a sign of surprise on their faces.

The Head Nurse only identified as Nancy welcomed me and introduced me to the baby mother who immediately woke up and asked me to talk to her and inform the world about the strange development.

My name is Tenema Syllah, a Sierra Leonean and the father of this child is a Liberian who is presently residing in the leeward County due to the hardship in this city, and because of fear of responsibility to cater to me and the pregnancy at the time, she disclosed.

She said, “I am surprised and confused, because this had never happened to me before”. She told me that the child was her third born, and thanked the Lord that she survived, because according to her, it was not an easy process giving birth to the child.

Attributing her mysterious situation to what she claimed transpired while in the Sande Bush, Tenema alleged that she failed to perform certain rituals in the Bush at the time she was initiated. According to her, this would have affected her third child, once she failed to, but over looked it.

Shedding tears, the mystified mother said such a supernatural thing did not befall her when she gave birth to her first and second children.

This is the second time in less than a year that such mystery has taken place. The first was in June when a young lady, age 20 gave birth to a conjoined twin, both of whom died the same day. The incident occurred in the Slump Community of S.K.D, on the Somalia Drive near Monrovia.

Many observers considered the incidence of the double sex baby to what they said nature has taught men traditions and norms and whenever one deviates from an established norm, succeeding occurrences are always strange and abnormal. According to them, such was the case with the huge deformity baby with dual sex organs, making the child to suffer dwarfism.

However, one of the nurses confidently confided in me that such a creature may not live, for even a day.